2008 Celebrity Hairstyle Trends
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Celebrity Hairstyles 2008

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Hairstyles change as often as the fashion trends do these days; unless you are one that has found your perfect style and plans to stick with it (other than a change in color or something minor to prevent boredom from setting in) for the rest of your life. Many hairstyles fade out for awhile only to come back with a bang a few years later, so with that, let us take a look at the hot celebrity hairstyle trends for 2008.

There is definitely variety in the hairstyle trends this year, so you will be able to find something that not only suites your features, but your taste, and a trend! If you cannot find a style that you like and fits your existing hair without a drastic change, you are saved, too. All you have to do is color your hair and add highlights, however you want. You’ll get a new look without changing too much, which is the better way to try things out if you are unsure.

A major trend from 2007 (and many years before that sporadically throughout fashion history) continues this year. Want to take a guess at what it could be? Yep, you got it...the bob cut. This classic will never die because not only is it cute, but it is only as high maintenance as you want it to be. It works well with any face shape because the length can be adjusted to flatter it. You can style it with a certain amount of complexity (depending on length and type of bob) for special occasions, while keeping it simply “brush and go” for busy daily life. There are variations of the bob haircut, but the key component of the bob is that it should always appear natural, and shiny.

Also noted in hairstyle trends this year are strategically layered styles, piecey crop cuts, emo hairstyles, and wavy looks. Mid-length cuts are turning from drab to fab, becoming more seductive in their styles. If you have long hair, try a straight style with a side part. If you have short hair, stick with a bob, bangs, and layers. Curls are definitely hot this year, as long as they are silky and manageable and not frizzy looking. Perhaps the most commonly used trend in 2008 is the use of highlights and multi-tonal color to finish off the new look. Multi-tonal color provides a more custom, natural looking appearance, and gives you a boost of confidence as you keep the heads turning!

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baby gul02-12-2009
mt hair looks jus like dat and i have to give her a 100 for dat style!!!!!!!!!!
I love rhianas hair..and her high lights really bring out the hair..anybody kno wat color her highlights r?
I luv it!
this hair style is prr-fect!
keri hilson09-05-2008
her sair style is great
I like this style on her.
every one knows rhiana brought the bob back. she keeps doing it better and better! too cute! mrr
thtas f-n hot right therr now o yea bby
this look definitly suits her! she should definitly keep this. i rrly didnt like the super short hairstyle she had on in her latest music video "take a bow"
looks like they put this pic on here just for the dress!!!!
MrS.DaViS 751708-29-2008
I think that this hair style is fire !!!!!!!!!!!
It is the bomb
this looks horrible on her.
Ohh ' bb08-25-2008
Its Cuute . . .i likee it (( =
she can pull this off! i think its deadly!xXx
omg thats sooooooo hot u guyz
Hot! Very 2008
suits her!:)
this hairstyle is cute,trendy,and easy to mantain
I like it. Not to complicated...just simple
i like it because of the layers and it wouldnt be a normal day hair style what you would see
i love this haircut. not so much for me but for her...yess
can't tell08-15-2008
i freakin love this hair style , iwould so get it!
i dont like it..simple
i like it

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