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Hair Care Cure

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You look in the mirror and all you can see are split ends and frizz. How did it ever get like this! You wash your hair every day, use expensive shampoo, don’t skimp on the conditioner, and yet, your hair is a mess. Know the feeling? Well, here is what to do. Ditch your old routine and pick up a new, better hair care routine that will surprise you with its results and easy to follow program.

Many people spend a lot of money on expensive shampoos. All of these shampoos promise to keep the hair thicker, shinier, and more manageable. How do these shampoos achieve such results, by adding in waxes and other additives to add strength to the hair. Unfortunately, these additives only work for so long before they build up and damage the hair that they are supposed to be protecting. If one likes those expensive shampoos, choosing to use a clarifier once a week can help protect the hair, but otherwise, there is a cheaper and more reliable method of treating these conditions.

First, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Almost any cheap shampoo will do the trick. Make sure it is not a shampoo that contains alcohol or wax, as both of these can damage the hair. Once the hair is washed, go to a stylist and have the split ends removed because while there are conditioners that bind them together, there is no true way to fix split ends and they can eventually lead to further damage to the hair.

After the hair dressers, then it is off to the store for new supplies. Try to find inexpensive shampoos and conditioners that do not contain alcohol or wax in them. Avoid the hair care products that promise to strengthen or promise to “pump up the volume” as these shampoos and conditioners have additives such as wax to help the shampoo and conditioners perform as stated.

Once you are home, do not wash your hair. Instead, skip a day between washings and simply rinse the hair in between days. This makes it possible for the hair to absorb natural oils and conditioners to keep it healthy and strong. This can take time to get used to, but in the end, softer and more manageable hair is worth the effort.


ashley bradley08-24-2010
i use ENJOY!!! its the best!! i used to use profound shampoo. and thats realy good too but ENJOY IS THE BEST!! i use enjoy sulfate-free shampoo its called luxury shampoo by enjoy. i use Enjoy hair mask.when i get into the shower the first thing i do is wash my hair then put the mask on after.I use a shower cap and let it stay on the hole time im in the shower.then when i get ready to blow dry my hair i use Profound Linear Serum on my damp hair.the linear serum uses a delicate blend of silcons to create straight,smooth,free flowing style with intense shine that resists HUMIDITY!! this is the onily thing that helps my hair from the humidity!!! i have tryed everything!! im a hairstylist so me and my boss try new and old products all the time.Enjoy and profound are the best i have ever used!! hope this helps you:)
I say if you have damaged hairfrom ur straightner and ust do as they said cuz if you just take a break from that stuff it can really help ur hair
thats what i call tips 4 hair
um I do all that you said and still hav damaged hair from the straightner , any other suggestions?
what if your hair is heat damaged??
those cheap shampoos that contain waxes and alcohol also contain parabens that are known to cause cancers, so spend a bit more and get to a health store that sells more pure paraben free, laural- sulphate free combos
Thaaank you :)
really helpful:)
can you name any inexpensive shampoos that does not contain alcohol and wax
ttly helpful! :p
cool dude!:)

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