5 At Home Treatments for Optimal Hair: Homeopathy for Hair
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At Home Hair Treatments

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There are a million and one hair care secrets on the market today. The key to finding just the right homeopathic hair care regime is finding one that is easy to start and easy to maintain. There are 5 normal, everyday substances that can prove very beneficial for the look, health and feel of your hair. These products include Mayonnaise, Vinegar, Avocado, Eggs and Beer! (Calm down men!)

Mayonnaise – Comb just enough mayonnaise through the hair to coat and leave on those tresses for 30 minutes. If you need extra moisture, cover the head with a cap. After the 30 minutes, shampoo out the mayonnaise and style. ADDS SHINE

Vinegar – One tablespoon of vinegar added to your hair rinse water will help to add a bit of shine to your hair. This “tonic” can also prove useful if that scalp is exceptionally itchy. ADDS SHINE, REDUCES ITCH

Avocado – One avocado, one egg yolk and a dash of olive oil creates the perfect masque for your hair. Leave this treatment on the hair for 30 minutes and wash / style as normal. ADDS MOISTURE AND SHINE

Eggs – If you have been looking for a use for those eggs and the protein value, you found it. Beat three eggs in a bowl and use as a pre-rinse after shampooing. Leave the beaten eggs on the hair for 2 minutes, then rinse. ADDS STRENGTH

Beer – Beer is not just for drinking anymore. This simple treatment requires only a rinse after application. Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, pour an entire can or bottle of beer on the hair. Rinse the hair with cool water. ADDS VOLUME AND SHINE

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i love it
flax seed is also good
it does work the longer u leave it on the better it works!
omg this all better work!!!
How much water should be used to dilute the one tablespoon of vinegar? Thanks!
Make some linseed tea, then put it on your hair and style as desired. adds shine and volume.
i will try all of these and i will comment on what will happen
Coconut milk is the best for hair treatment(dry hair), but USE A FRESH ONE, not the one in a can which contains preservatives.
The beer probably adds volume because of its alcohol content. Many volume hair sprays use alcohol in them to dry the roots and give hair more lift. Be careful though - Alcohol can really dry your hair out, so if your hair is damaged or dry, do not use this remedy.
also if you beat egg whites into a form like texture you can use that as a mouse to curl your hair. with wet hair add the beated egg whites and blow dry with a defuser. the egg whites also give you portein. works alot better then mouse and is way cheaper!
smelly poo08-13-2008
ooooo yes there all work... makes my hair smelly tho
All of the treatments mentioned are decades old, and still hold true.
I used to do this with my friends at slumber parties as a kid- we tried all of these, including the beer- it works!
the beer would add shine if you had a few before you did it then anything would look like it workd
ive heard of mos everything on this list..but the beer!! id never put it in my hair!!!
oh god beer.. how would that work.. jeeze ppl comming up with weird things these days
Yes. The beer DOES give your hair shine. I have tried it. And as for the rest, it seems pretty legit.
will it was ok i seen better
thanks.these were some great ideas that my friend amy and i will try for my sleepover tomorrow.
OK the avocado i understand COMPLETELY, vinegar IS used to reduce itch especially when you get relaxers done, mayo has been used in the past for shine and HAS worked, and eggs do have protein so it might work however how can BEER work?... doesnt it have alcohol in it?...which is like a moisture leech to hair? a big no no!
uh.. i dont think it sounds very true or how ever you would call it i think i wil go to a beauty supply and get some profesional tips!!!! thanks though!
what? beer & Egg? wouldnt the smell on our hair? Avocado sounds great.. but i just couldnt imagine using Beer and Egg... help please??

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