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Amy Smart Triangle Face Formal Hairstyle
Rectangular Face Formal Hairstyle
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Oval Face Formal Hairstyle

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There are a few occasions in a woman’s life where she is guaranteed the opportunity to dress up and show off all that she’s got. Weddings are a very big deal and definitely a showcase for the bride’s beauty, but there are so many other elements involved with which hair and nails have to share the bride’s focus. Prom, however, is all about the glamour. Second only to the dress, hair is so monumentally important to the occasion that teens who normally do not see the light of day before noon on Saturdays can be found seated and smiling in the hair dresser’s chair in the wee morning hours deciding how to get their formal hairdos done.

Like the prom dress, there are many options for the prom hair. Whether wearing it up or down girls often pay too much attention to what they have seen on celebrities or on the other students, and don’t take into account their unique qualities. What she often doesn’t realize is that the look that blew her away when she saw it was not simply the formal hairstyle, but the perfectly matched hairstyle and face shape. Here are some cues to take when choosing a formal hairstyle for your face shape: rectangular, round, triangular, or oval.

A rectangular face is strong and distinctive. The preferred formal hairstyle would be soft and flowing. Long hair should be pulled back smooth and waved. Bangs and loose hairs in the front should be allowed to fall free and set at the chin or jaw. Straight short hair magnifies the angles of a rectangular face shape resulting in a harsh look. Allowing length in the bangs that could be curled or waved will add a feminine element and create an elegant formal hairstyle even on the shortest hair. PHOTO

A round face is one of innocence. The object is to elongate the face and replace the innocence with sophistication. Avoid going too short or cutesy. Keep the sides thin and work with a side part that sweeps the bangs across the forehead in a straight or “s” shaped manner. A side part also creates an imbalance between the two sides of the hairstyle which has a lengthening effect on a round face. The back of the hair, behind the ear, should be thicker and longer. PHOTO

The triangular face is also sometimes called the heart shape. A smooth curved hair design is the best way to go whether the hair is short or long. A smooth curved bang, a side part and imbalance in the sides will draw attention away from a pointed chin and create a softer effect. The hairstyle should not be pushed forward into the face or dragging the jaw. It should be slightly swept back to create a wider jaw and cheek appearance. PHOTO

The oval face shape is traditionally thought of as the perfect face shape. Not too short, not too sharp, not too long, not too harsh. The problem with that could also be not too much personality. So in contrast to some of the other face shapes, the oval shape works best with styles that are busy and add character and distinction to the face. The more curls and angles you can create around the face the better. PHOTO

Conception of the perfect formal hairstyle, for proms, weddings, or going to the Academy Awards should always start with consideration of the face shape with the emphasis on drawing attention to the uniqueness and special beauty of the face.


i cant find my face shape! how do u no wich one is yours??
where are the videos?
once am i supposed to know my faceshape?
The pictures at the top tell you what type of face shapes the celebrities have when you drag the cursor across them. Google face shapes if you do not understand depends on the measurements/poportions.
nice advice, but how do i know my type of face... and where are all the pictures???
See the big, bold, bright red, capitalized words that "PHOTO"? That would be the pics.
where are the pictures???
HairPedia Admin07-22-2008
Thank You for Your Comments! We just Added Photos per your requests.
definitely need pictures
pics pls...
needs pics
Daddy's princes07-21-2008
this article would be better with pictures!!!!
need pictures
pictures would be nice.
sheila morris07-18-2008
i use nothan else
mo mo07-15-2008
need some pictures to go with the article
need pictures
article content fine but would be better with pictures of the face shapes

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