How to Get Your Own Sedu Up-do
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Sedu  Updo

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Jennifer Aniston is probably the celebrity most associated with Sedu hairstyles. Having barely recovered from the popularity of “The Rachel” hairstyle, her trademark straight and sleek strands have lasted far beyond the day we said goodbye to our dear FRIENDS at Central Perk. Now we’re seeing the emergence of Sedu Up-dos from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. The Sedu up-dos are a beautiful and glamorous alternative to the big curls and wispy up-dos. The basics of the Sedu up-do are the same as any other Sedu hairstyle, with a few extra steps at the end. Following is an explanation of how to capture the basic Sedu look, followed by a wrap up of how to pull it up!

For the absolute best in Sedu hairstyles you must invest in a Sedu flat iron. More than a trend, the Sedu technology has mastered the art of making your hair look fantastic while protecting it from styling damage.

As with any heat styling product, it is strongly recommended to use conditioner on your hair. A conditioning shampoo is your best bet, followed by a leave in conditioner that will flatten your hair down and make it soft, as well as reduce damage.

Pre blow drying, working in hair serum and hair gel together through your hair will keep it silky, shiny, and frizz free. To add volume while keeping the hair straight and flat, blow dry your hair with a round brush. The nozzle of the dryer should point downward along the hair shaft. It is essential that hair is completely dry before straightening begins.

With the hair dry and straight, glide the hair between the flat iron plates in two inch sections at a time. Start at the root and go smoothly to the tip. For absolute perfection spray each section with a shine and or straightening product before flat ironing. Do not brush through the hair when finished.

You now have a sleek and fabulous Sedu hairstyle. But what if you want something a little more formal? Simply add these last few steps for a big night out.

Make a tight pony tail by working some hair gel along the top and sides of the hair and pulling it back. Spray all over with a firm hold hairspray. Now reach to the underside of the pony and pull out a two inch section of hair. Wrap that hair around the band that holds the pony tail, and then secure the hair around the band with pins.

Separate the remainder of the pony tail hair into sections and back comb it. Wrap each section around a finger creating barrel curls which are pinned into place with bobby pins. Repeat this until all the sections of the pony tail are wrapped and pinned. Apply lots of hairspray and enjoy your Sedu up-do!


jennifer lopez is truly beautiful and this hairstyle is really gorgeous on her.
jennifer aniston only has one hair style so this could not be her
see there always so busy in everybodys buisness theey dont even know the person they are talking about when their in front of them
Try reading more the the first sentence babes
That is so not Jenifer Aniston!
thats not jenifer aniston, thats jenifer lopez! duh
That is really helpful i will try that next time i see my boyfriend!!

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