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Emo Hairstyles

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Part of the beauty of emo style is the ease in which it can be achieved. Other than having a few common elements, each emo hairstyle is completely individualized, which means you cannot go wrong. A true emo hairstyle is born of the feeling of the creator at that moment so you should design your own emo hairstyle. Why pay a fortune to a hairstylist when you can create something more unique and individualized for yourself?

Once you have decided on the color of your hair you want, browse the hair color section and find the closest match. A cheap box of hair dye will be perfect. The darker the color the better, only because it is more “expressive” and “emoting”. But if what you are “feeling” is not dark and emoting, you are all the braver for going bold and blond or fuchsia or maybe even violet!

Do you want some highlights? This process is incredibly easy and feeds your creative side. There are lots of options available that come with wands and brushes that allow you to paint the color on just where you want it in your desired pattern. Don’t be afraid of color. If you like blue, go for it. Don’t worry about what someone else has. This is your creation expressing your self.

You can even cut your own emo hairstyle. If emo has a trademark it is the sweeping side bangs. Although not a “rule” it is attractive which is why so many emo hairstyles are designed around it. Hair glue and bangs cut longer one side will help you get the look. From there you can chop it up to your desired result. Again, don’t be afraid of trying something new or of making a mistake because emo haircuts often don’t make sense. They look like a toddler cut them and it works!

Gel it, spike it, spray it, pull it up, or lay it down. A true emo hairstyle is designed for you alone and not for public approval.


i love emo hair
c0ol ....
carlos telles10-17-2010
i love emo do mundo
awesome artical! :)
I love emo hair its soooo awesome!! Im gttn mine cut soon! Im gttn 4 coontails! Its gnna b sooo cute! EMO GUYS R SOOOO FREAKIN HOT!! LOL!
oh i love this hair but i am not aloud to dye my hair... bummer:(
This isnt emo hair this is SCENE there is a big diffenece if you emo you better cut yourself or dont call your self emo
were the heck do u make the hair styles
izzy 05-28-2010
cooly!!! i love it well i am a emo not!!! i want to be x
so hot i love this hairdo i think im going to get it & im only 12 lol
this is cool i seen emo hair befor but this one kinda is better then them
i have friends that are emo and emo are cool people to hang out
ewwww...? ok if u like this go on google images and type in EMO/SCENE BOYSorGIRLS...!
I think its hot
emo chicky 10106-06-2009
its okay but not awsome
Thats so sexy (bit lip )
Lexi hanson05-28-2009
Wow that style is the bom
i love this picture
the tru punk em04-21-2009
it needs some choppyness to it and more black and other random color...but for the most part it looks good!
jessica hardwic03-15-2009
wow she has tha best hairstyle!
forget yall, its not your hair.. so dont worry about it. if she wants her hair like this, then let her.
you look so kool with your hair like that so i might just do that to my hair someday if i get the money and if my dad will let sucksssssssss!
This is a really nice hair style I think am going to do this with my hair it is awesome!! :*)
super sladko emo mn me kefi
its stupid. i mean come on its ugly. try a different emo hairstyle
king of awsomen01-13-2009
This is a stupid hair style thats what i think:}
WOW! I think im going to do this with my hair!
Emo people are scary
Tiffany! :)11-22-2008
OMFG this is cute.
this is amazzimg thats soo rad!
This totally awsome!!!!!!! I
any one no a website that has a free virtual emo hair cut thingy so u can try it out be for u do it ??? if so please contact me
i love it
I love it!I need it!I want it!!!!!
i effin love it!!!
i have a medium hair length and bangs that are very emolicious but at the same time arent emo. They go across my forehead and since my hair is very dark brown it looks good. I cut them across my forehead and blowdry them and iron them towards the left and wala. Im 23 and a professional hairsylist. I love what I do. Temporary hair color products can be find in some beuty salons and hair cutterys and also at hot topic for less. Also clip ons at hot topic for less. But is very cheap and can get old and nasty after a while.
to colour black african american hair to wash out use hair mascara or coloured gels. clip ins work great too
i dont care
this hair style is so hot i might get something almost like it.
great job
i like this article and i love this chickas hair and im like you rachel i love to keep ppl guessing and im my own person and i like to stand out and im getting my hair died green and black i like wild things though
Does anyone know how to temporarily color (red, pink, blue, green, etc) black african american hair?
I love it i want something like black and pink though??
the hot emo07-15-2008
she is so fit
love it love it love it! Very original....and she rocked it..
I love this article! I dont like to follow crowds or the latest fashion trends. im a pretty artistic person. i love standing out and i love to keep people guessing. thanks for the inspiration :)

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