Shear Genius Season 2 Premiere Hairstyles
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Shear Genius Season 2

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Did you like Shear Genius Season 1? We did and its back again starting June 25. The new season is hosted by Golden Globe-nominated actress, designer, and entrepreneur Jaclyn Smith.

Bravo says it is bringing the second season with "behind-the-scenes look at the competitive and creative world of high-end hairstyling. Famed celebrity hairstylist Kim Vo and Allure beauty editor Kelly Atterton serve as lead judges on the series. Accomplished stylist Rene Fris serves as the competitors' mentor".

These highly talented Hairstylists will compete for title of "Shear Genius," $100,000 in seed money from Nexxus and a chance to style hair for an Allure magazine feature.

Makayla Frandse08-27-2008
this has i dont even no where to stat it just makes me wont to cut hair for the rest of my life. yes i am at a youn age and thing will most likely to change but i hope that they would no change to much. hope to see more and more shows by you guys. well i should tell you my age and well the truth is that I an 13 years old. Well i hope some time that i can meet all of you and see what is like in the real world.If you ever wont to talk to me you can just call me at 1-435-477-3819 i will be wating for that call. LOVE THIS SHOWS/YOUS GUY SO MUCH doo sorry that i have to go but W/LOVE Makayla Frandsen

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