Frizzy Hair Care Tips
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Frizzy Hair Tips

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Many hair care tips offer advice on how to care for a certain type or style of hair. For those with frizzy hair, it is better to learn what NOT to do. Frizzy hair can be tamed with the right about of love, care and attention. But, too much attention and you are right back to frizzy again. By avoiding five simple frizzy hair care mistakes, you will tame the wild beast of frizzy hair.

Unplug the Blow Dryer

Frizzy hair should never be blow dried. Blow drying separates the hair individually through sheer force. The key to beautiful frizzy hair is to keep the hair together, not to fan it apart. Heat also plays a huge role in frizz. Heat plus hair equals dry and dry hair is more apt to appear frizzy and wild.

Leave the Hat at Home

Frizzy hair has enough trouble keeping itself together without having to deal with hat head. Hats will do nothing for frizzy hair except make it even more frayed. Instead of a hat on those cold and windy days, try wearing a simple scarf around the head and a pair of ear muffs.

Keep the Conditioner Close

Never skip the conditioning step of hair care when you have frizzy hair. As a matter of fact, leaving just a bit of conditioner in the hair and allowing to air dry is the best way to keep frizzy hair under control. The conditioner acts as a weight, almost trapping the frizz in the hair and preventing hair from separating and dividing during normal daily activities.

Keep Car Windows Closed

While we all love the feeling of cool air blowing in our car windows, for those with frizzy hair, wind is the enemy. No matter how calm your hair looks when you open the car window, you can rest assured it will be back to a wild and frazzled state by the time you reach your destination.

Skip a Washing or Two

The natural oils produced by the scalp will help to keep frizz at bay. Acting like a natural detangler, scalp oils calm hair and allow frizzy hair to retain additional moisture. With daily washing, these oils will never build up to a healthful level. Try washing hair only once or twice every week. You will be ever so happy you did.

Frizzy hair does not have to be unmanageable. By avoiding some of the greatest frizzy hair faux pas, you will begin to notice a change in your hair's natural resilience to frizz as soon as the first day.

thank you soo much for the info

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