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New Hairstyles

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There are so many hairstyles in the world today; it can be difficult to determine which ones one should go for. There are some rules that one can follow to make great choices for picking the right hair style.

1. Take a look at your face shape. Try to determine what shape your face is. If you are having a hard time visualizing the correct shape of your face, try standing in front of a mirror, and with a non-permanent marker or lip stick, trace the outline of your face. This can then be easier to visualize a simple shape from.

2. Read books on hair design and hair styles that have styles specially divided by face shape. This will help to determine what hair style would look best with your individual face shape.

3. Realize that the color of the hair on the model does not have to be the color of your hair. Although this sounds simple, there is a vast majority of people who forget this when they look for their own hair styles.

4. Think of what features on your face that you like. Do you like your eyes but hate your nose? All hairstyles, except the extremely short ones, have hair lines in them that focus the eyes of the viewer to a specific point on the face. Long bangs can draw attention to the eyes, short layers to the mouth or nose. Determining your best features can bring ideas as to what hair lines one wishes to have.

5. Visit websites or hair stylist professionals who have image generators that can take a picture of you and apply different hairstyles to the picture to determine the best styles possible. This can limit the number of bad hair styles that one experiences.

6. Do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It can be scary getting a new hair style. By stepping away from the comfort of the same old hair style, people can see the new you and your true confidence.

i like the hair style but yoy have to care all day...
She is great! I LUV THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!
rhianna,s hair always looks good long or short
does not suit her
it makes you look older and more mature
rhianna i love ur hairstyles them sell off
it looks so you
love the hair cut so chic sexy but also smart very cute so have just had mine done the same.
She looks good in any hair style.
this helped lots! but i still dont know what i want done with my hair!!!!
rihannas new hairstyles are supa sexy!
Good stuff
wow! i learned A LOT of things! thanks for posting this. =]
SMILE :)07-23-2008
i didnt know different haircuts can highlight features on ur face. thx for lettin me know :)
this rele dosent help im wanting to get a victoria cut but im worried it will b 2 short for me im getting it cut tomarrow HELP!!lol
cool us ladies in paris looove rihanna
o i dont like r07-17-2008
this site is soooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh , this is a cool site . i am just gettin my hair done right now .

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