Top 10 Medium Hairstyles for Summer
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Jessica Simpson Medium Hairstyle

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Shoulder Length Shag- This style has been seen worn on Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba on many occasions. It is cut just above the shoulders, curled back to a wave, then shagged or messed up. It can be worn with a side part of middle part. Middle part will accent thinner faces while side part is perfect for fuller types. Great for all face types.

Feathered/Layered- To achieve this style, hair is just slightly below the shoulders, bangs are needed, and the sides are layered towards the face. To style, bangs and sides are feathered back while back is left straight. Prominently worn by Elisha Cuthbert. Great for heart or oval face types.

Medium Length Bob- Hair is just above the shoulders and same length all around. Part can be worn various ways. Very easy, cute, and low maintenance style. Beware round face types. This may not be for you.

Layered Bob- This is achieved when hair is just above the shoulders with 2-3 layers cut into it. These layers can be choppy or blended. For silky hair, the choppy is recommended as it is hard to see the layers. This can be worn with various parts and bangs or no bangs. All face types.

Full- Made popular by Tyra Banks, this style calls for a couple of layers blended into the hair and curled. Most of the curl is achieved by a 1-1 ½ inch barrel curler. It is usually feathered back or sides worn up. Thinner faces look best with this style.

Simple Medium Bob- This is achieved through the use of a cosmetologist razor to achieve the wimpy and light look through the back and banged in the front. Hair can be cut above or just below the shoulder. All face types, especially round and square.

The Flip- Super cute for all ages. Hair is shoulder length and then flipped. Very easy to style and looks great for most face types. All face types.

Medium Short- The hair is cut short up front (banged) and to the sides while the back is shoulder the length. The hair is tapered or stepped down to give the illusion of continuity. It is style using a flat curler and large barrel curler depending on the look wanted.

Feathered- Absolutely gorgeous! This achieved with the hair being tapered down from mid-cheek to about 2 inches below the shoulder. It can be worn feathered like Farah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels or straight. Which ever suits your taste. The hair can also be curled using a spiral curler to achieve a more elegant look. It is also easy to pull back in a pony tail which is nice in the summer heat. Part looks best to the side.

Sleek- One of the increasing popular cuts is when the hair is cut just slightly above the shoulders, bangs come just below the brow line, and the sides are worn back behind the ears with the hair slicked down. It is a wonderful evening look.

Pictures of all these styles can be found at medium hairstyles


The hairstyle is very oppiniative, but from me personaly....well....I HATE IT! I mean like what is with the rose? And it looks really greassy, I think that she should wear it reguarly and simple!
are you a girl or boy
knda weird-looking with the giant space between the bang and the other side of her forehead
im 11 and i do not no what you guys are talking about
these hairstyles were okay. i wish they wud tell u how to do the actual hairstyle tho!
name a couple more this is no t the best one and i want my hair to be medium style
i really like this style. im looking for something similar to it for the summer.
i like the cut
this hair is ok, but i would never wear my hair like that(._.)
these are not very good hair styles al least NOT FOR ME!!!!!
i realluy do like that hairstyle it looks very nice she very pritty too but im gay soo sorry girls haha x
I think it is great. I have my hair in a shoulder-length shag and I love it! My hair is blonde but I am seeking out a NEW color for this fall. Maybe a warm brown with honey highlights?!
you guys are so negative
i think it is ugly and STUPID and not good!!!
i think the artickal is why good but the hairstyeles not for me......
looks beautiful, very versityle fun and sexy!
photos of each style would help the article be so much better
Pretty on her but not for me! It is a cute summer cut! :)
i think great summer style
Of course it looks nice on jessica Simpson but its not for me...
that hair sstyle is great and cool for the summer
I like it just not on my head!
i think this is a very cute hairstyle. Great for the heat of summer!
i dont think its good i measn it needs to be a little longer
i think its ok but i would never have my hair like that!
I think that the hairstyle is very cute
I think this article is pretty good for the summer

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