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Long Hair Care Tips

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When people hear that someone has long hair, they automatically picture the straight, mouse brown hair, parted down the center that is so very boring. This is not what long hair has to be about. Now, long hair,a luxury of the famous, can be so well cared for, and shaped that it is a work of art rather than something to go to sleep to. How can you make your hair go from dull to brilliant you ask. Easy, just follow these tips.

1. Layer the hair. This does not mean getting it cut short, it means having a professional add deep and natural layers to the hair. This works for curly hair and straight hair and helps to add the volume back that the length took away with the weight of the hair.

2. Keep it neat. Long hair can go messy fast, by keeping the hair primed with the best conditioners and leave-ins, the messy hair will be tamed and the well-behaved hair will shine. Everyone loves it when hair behaves, make everyone love your locks even more when they flow rather than stand up.

3. Dye the hair. It is a misconception that dying your hair every few months is bad for the hair and causes split ends. This is no longer the case. While this used to be true in the fifty's and sixty's, it is now 2008, so wake up your hair with a brilliant set of colors. Do not go one color, but rather three. For example, if copper is the choice of all over color, choose a copper red for the low lights and blond for the highlights.

4. Decorate it! You got it, so flaunt it with little or not so little pieces designed to show off your hair in its best light. These barrettes and ribbons give something of a visual interest to your hair so that people will notice the beauty and health of your hair while they look at the pretty trinket you decorated it with.

5. Love it. Often the difference between bland hair and amazing hair is the amount of time and care taken with the hair. If one takes good care of the hair then the best results can be achieved. If one does not take good care, then the hair will start to develop split ends, an overall shaggy appearance, and remain dull. No one likes shag anymore.


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