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Katie Holmes Short Hairstyle
Katherine Heigl Long Hairstyle
Claudia Jordan 2008 Hairstyle
Jennifer Love Hewitt Long Hairstyle
Kristanna Loken Celebrity hairstyle
Vida Guerra Hairstyle

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Are you like most women and are always searching for a new hairstyle? want to know that latest celebrity hairstyles for 2008? We realize that and have found a few of the our favorite 2008 celebrity hairstyles.

We love Katie Holmes short bob haircut. This hairstyle isnt for everyone but it works well on her for a few reasons. First of all Katie has a longer neck and this accentuates her neck therefore making her face look slimmer. Secondly the length of the cut to her jawline brings out her high cheek bones. Also the shorter bangs make your attention focus on her beautiful eyes!

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you guys are awesome for writing this artickle LOL:)
i love how sapphire does her hair for realz
Panic! at the D02-20-2009
I love this hairdo!
I got extentions so that my hair would look like taylor swift. and it was so pretty,
I love this hair style i have the same one and my friends love it to
its pretty good,,it suit my fasion stlye,,thumbs up!
please put more nice hairstyle....and also more in long hair style please........
I love the haircut I wish my hair was like that too
i want to order a catalog please
i love that hair style on her but i have the same and i wanna change it any ideas?
the atricle is good but more pictures would e nice. PS i do some of the schools year books and they want to see pictures

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