The Art and Popularity of the Sedu Hairstyle
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Sedu Hairstyles

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Celebrities are hitting all of the most popular spots donning a new hairstyle. It is subtle, beautiful and finally one that every woman can create at home. At the heart of this new hair style if the Sedu flat iron and it is taking the world and Hollywood by storm.

The Sedu flat iron is a simple piece of equipment. But, at the heart of this new equipment are the ceramic tourmaline plates. These plates offer the hottest heat and the sleakest style for your hair. While every celebrity looks like they just came straight out of the hair stylist, which they often have, now the normal, every day woman can have that same sleek hair no matter where the destination.

Extremely curly hair, the Sedu flat iron can calm that. Hair that feel limp and unworkable, the Sedu flat iron can help that too. The best results from the Sedu hairstyle comes from the proper hair preparation.

Never use the Sedu flat iron on wet hair. This could burn the hair and permanently affect the outcome of every other hair style day.

Clean, condition and dry. The Sedu flat iron works best on hair that is clean and conditioned. For added protection, apply a leave in conditioner to the hair before drying completely.

Never use heat that is too high. When using the Sedu flat iron, the heating element can cause burn damage to the hair. You are aiming for a dry heat that is not too hot. Try wetting a small piece of paper with water and placing between the plates of the flat iron. If it does not burn the heat is just right.

Working with a Sedu flat iron takes time and practice, but once you have the technique down pat, you will have hair just like the celebrities.


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