Prom Hairstyles That Dont Include The Classic Updo
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For as long as many of us can remember, the classic updo was the number one formal hairstyle chosen for every high school prom. The hair was curled into perfect ringlets and then gathered up onto the top of the head. Classically pinned in place with a never seen amount of clips and pins, the prom updo was a thing of beauty. Today, this same beauty is adventuring beyond the updo and into the world of long and medium length hairstyles that hit the shoulders and require few pins.

For medium hair lengths try:

The Edgy Pony, a side swept hairstyle gaining popularity in Hollywood, is very fashionable this year for prom. The hair is pulled all to one shoulder and held in place with a careful knot of baby's breath.

The Half Updo, is a pull of the full updo we are all familiar with. This style pulls only the sides of the hair onto the top of the head. This style is exceptionally beautiful with small bits of pearl or baby's breath clipped onto the longer strands of hair falling below the shoulders.

If short hair is more your thing try:

The Bob, a forever fabulous style, is making its way to the halls of the high school on prom night. This hairstyle if best complimented with a 60's style hat.

The Starlet, another classic from the 50's and 60's, allows the short hairstyle to wave at the crowd before you do. Curled or set into wavy lengths, this style will compliment any vintage dress to the T.

Long hair length have also been transformed this season. If you have longer hair try:

The Loose Low Pony, this pony tail is a play off of the classic ringlets used by so many prom girls. The hair is curled in the same fashion, but instead of piling on the top of the head, the hair is gathered into a very loose pony tail that is held in place just at the top of the shoulders.

The Tiara Style, is for those prom girls who want to be a princess on their prom night. This style, one of the most complex, is created by parting the hair to one side and smoothing the hair down and behind the ear. The top half of the hair is then gathered and bunned in the back of the head, leaving the length in tact for long flowing curls. The sides can be pinned down to keep them from pulling up into the bun.

Prom Night is a fantastic time of beauty, but it does not have to be a time of classic hairstyles. This prom season is all about playing off of your best features and choosing a hairstyle that is not necessarily the classic prom hairstyle.


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