Best PROM Dress Style for Short Hair
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Prom Dress for Short Hair

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Picking a prom dress can be a very daunting task. Keep your hair type in mind when choosing your dress. If you have short hair then the dresses which works best for you are shorter more unique styles. You want a modern looking prom dress to go with your modern looking hair style. Short hair is shoulder length or shorter.

Keep in mind when choosing your dress what colors look best on you but also how you may want to style your hair. Just because you have short hair doesn't mean you can't dress up your do. Go
for a modern look. Choosing a dress that is a vibrant color and a shorter style will accentuate your short do.

You could also consider a gown which is strapless. Use your short do for a ready made updo look. This will show off your neck line. Adding a tiara will give you a princess look. Accent with shining spray or a glittery hairspray for a more glamorous look.

Using your hair style to help choose your dress is a great way to make your prom look totally yours and unique. Short hair is best paired with a modern looking prom gown. Look to the stars like Pink for examples of how to match your dress to your short hair style for your prom. Keeping the theme short and unique will let you stand out among the crowd at prom.

i need one on thursday. gosh.
this is really gonna help find my prom dress 2morrow
rituparna roy05-15-2009
awesome, thanks!
maggie mag03-14-2009
Thanks alot!

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