The Long in Front Short in Back Style of 2008
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Styles in hair are almost as short lived as styles in clothing. For the past year we have seen the long in front, short in back style move from the urban, eclectic crowd to every day housewives. But, for those who are thinking about chopping off those long strands of hair, wait! The style is about to change in 2008.

It looks like one of the coolest hairstyles in 2008 will mimic one of the most popular in 2007. The long in front, short in back style will be modified just enough to offer and new look, closer to the eclectic urban kids that loved its sister style. The new cut will feature bangs that are cheek length and sides that are longer. Overall, the look will remain nearly the same with just enough tweak in the bang length to bring the long in front, short in back style to the fore front again.

In 2008, hair is going to be edgy and raw, with just enough of the 2007 style to make everyone happy. Drastic changes will not need to be made for those who kept up with the 2007 most popular hair style. For 2008, try tweaking the long in front, short in back style with a little extra funk! 4/14/2008


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No photos? That was not helpful at all.
when looking for a haircut, im looking for a hair cut. norm includes pics. not an essay.
i like it
erica stewart12-04-2009
umm, okay next time you have one of these things, try posting some pictures, people like myself try to search for PICTURES of hairstyles we want. and all you have is some useless information in words. seriously. im pissed.
I believe the picture is next to the article.
that didnt help me one bit!
isabella nguyen08-31-2009
this is so lame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
words words words, no pictures. this was useless
I wish it had more pictures so I can show the haircutter what I want!
muffy bittersm06-22-2009
yeah, like wow , like it didnt help , like , at all , like ok?, like, like, like i like it when its something like, that i like , do you like me, i like me some me, like , alot, okay, like, goodbye and like all , and stuff, like me!
OK, that was pretty much gibberish, especially without pictures. All I got from this is that it might be popular now to let your bangs go a little longer than last year...still, pics?
ok so whats the deal here?
Pictures? at all...? i mean seriouse!
Ste[ph]hh !05-13-2009
Definitly needs pictures and stuff, this was no help at all..
Jayna P.04-15-2009
Seriously Pics. would help us understand it and GUESS WHAT! IM GETTING MY HAIR DYED!!!! TOMAROW!
Yeah this did not help me out at all....whats the deal??
pics would be a good idea
what about some pictures?

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