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At Home Prom Updos

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Is Prom in your future? You may want to consider an up do. Hairdressers are very busy this time of year and it can be nearly impossible to get an appointment. Consider doing your own up do this prom season, not only will you be able to get your hair done at the time most convenient to you but you will also be able to save a little money too. If you are unsure of the up do that is right for you then follow these simple steps and try them out to find the right do for you.

Pinned Curls: Pinned curls is a very sophisticated look. This is a style just about anyone can do themselves. You will need hot rollers, shining mouse or gel, a hair barrette or pony tail band, and small bobby pins. To do this hair style you will want to first begin with clean hair. Shampoo and condition your hair and then blow dry before placing in large hair curlers.

Place the shining mouse or hair gel on the strands of hair before they are put into the hair curlers. After removing the hair from the curlers place the hair into a barrette or pony tail. This can be on the crown of your head or one inch above the base of the hairline at the neck.

Next you will want to take the hair into one inch widths and begin pinning it around the barrette or ponytail being sure to cover the barrette as you go. Use the shining gel or spray to prevent fly aways. You will want to continue this process until all the hair has been pinned around the barrette and the barrette is well hidden.

You can also add a twist to the pinned curl up do by using smaller portions of hair, about inch widths and twisting them before placing the ends near the base of the barrette. Both do's should be sprayed with a hairspray or the shining spray for a lasting hold.

Ponytail: No this isn't just any ponytail. This is a glamorous ponytail. Hollywood has put a new spin on the ponytail with celebrities showing up on the red carpet with this simple yet elegant up do. This is also an up do that anyone can do. You will need a ponytail band, hot curlers, shining spray, and small bobby pins.

You will want to begin this do with clean well conditioned hair. Blow dry the hair for a little extra body. You may also want to place your hair into large curlers for extra body and a little wave to this do.

Place the hair into a ponytail about one inch above the hair line at the base of the neck. Then take a small portion of the ponytail and use this hair to wrap around the ponytail band to hide it. Use the bobby pins to secure this small amount of hair close to the band once it is wrapped.

For extra hold and shine use a hairspray or shining gel over the entire do. You can also change the look of this do by placing the hair in either a loose ponytail or a tight ponytail. This up do is also intended for someone with long hair and goes best with a very elaborate dress.

French Braid: Our final up do for prom 2008 is the french braid. This is a timeless look. You will most likely need assistance to achieve this up do. If you have a girl friend or mother that can braid enlist their assistance for this classic up do.

The french braid will require clean, blow dried hair, a brush, comb, hairspray and bobby pins. If you need extra body in your hair place it in large curlers before braiding. Braid the hair in the traditional french braid but, instead of leaving the tail hang loose, tuck it under at the base of the neck. Secure the tail in place using the bobby pins and then spray to ensure it will hold all night long. If there are any strays hanging down simply curl them into tight curls and leave them down.

Depending on the style of your prom dress the look of a french braid maybe too modern of a look for you. In that case consider a variation to the traditional french braid, the wispy french braid. This is more of a vintage look.

You will follow all the instructions as above with the exception of braiding. Begin the braid very tight for the first two to three inches and then loosely braid the hair until the last two to three inches before the base of the neck. This braid should also be tucked under for a more finished look unless you have extremely long hair. In that case just end the braid at the base of the neck.

These are just a few of the updo's you can do yourself at home. By doing your hair for prom your self you will not only save money but also your time. Be sure to practice the up do that you choose several times before prom. You may also want to have a back up do just in case your chosen do doesn't work for you on prom night.

it sucks! i did it for prom and i was laugh at!:(
becca 04-14-2010
i have long red curly hair and i did it for prom and it look amazing everyone loved it
no its not
online spazz07-21-2009
cool! twitch twitch
depends on the dress; most dresses with halter tops look better with an updo
i agree with katielynn
Wow...I did it and it looks great!!
Its better to leave you hair down for a look that is really you.

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