Prom Hairstyles 2008 - 5 Tips to Match Your Hairstyle to your Prom dress
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Prom Hairstyles 2008

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You shopped for weeks looking for the perfect prom dress, now it is time to pair that dress with the perfect hairstyle. There are a few rules to keep in mind while looking for the perfect hair style to go with your perfect dress.

* Keep it simple. The more basic the look the easier it will be for you to do it. Simple doesn't have to mean plain or boring, it just means easy to manage. By choosing a do, you can do, it will save you money as well as make it easier on you if it needs repaired throughout the night.

* Keep your dress in mind when choosing your do. If your gown is elaborate and ornate then choose a hair style which is subtle. This will show case the gown and not your hair. You don't want to over do the look.

* If your gown is simple and plain than choose a do that will dress it up. Choose an updo that can be enhanced with a tiara or flowers. Ringlets in your hair are also a great way to dress up your look.

* It is also important to keep the neck line of the dress in mind when choosing a do. If you want to show case you neck area and have a strapless dress then choose an updo. If you would be more comfortable not baring as much skin then choose to let your hair down.

* Make sure to match the style of your hair to the style of your dress. If you chose a dress which is vintage in style than go with a vintage hairstyle. A wispy french braid or a sleek 40's updo. This is a great place to look to the stars. Actress's like Katherine Heigl gives great examples of vintage looks on the red carpet.

Make practice runs of a few hairstyles you like. Take pictures of them in your dress, this way you can make a better informed decision of which hairstyle is perfect for your prom look this prom season. It is also a great way to plan for a back up do in case your do doesn't work for you on prom night. Weather and other conditions can cause a particular hairstyle to fall or not work depending on your hair type. Having a back up plan is always a good idea. Plan ahead of time and follow these rules and you too can have the perfect do to match your perfect prom dress.

dont be so mean
terrible .... fugly
christi, i dont know if you still need this, but id go for a half up all curls do, with a sparkly hair pin
i have a black and white fitted and then i flares at the knees. i have blonde hair with black underneth. how should i do my hair?
I have a floor length navy blue strapless dress and medium length dark brown wavy hair. Which styles would go with that?
i have a knee length chiffon style pale pink dress, what styles would go with that? i have medium length wavy brown hair

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