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Summer Hairstyles 2012

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There is only three words that come to mind when Amy Childs arrived at her own Spring/Summer 2012 Clothing Collection Launch and that is va va voom! Her hair appeared to defy gravity with the fabulous blowout she had.

This former beautification and successful fashion designer is one red headed diva to keep an eye on this year from head to toe! Not everyone has locks this voluptuous but there is definitely two ways to get fuller locks that appear this way and that is a fabulous blowout and some serous teasing. With a few steps you can look like you just stepped out a catalog like entrepreneur Amy Childs!

Tips for getting full amazing hair:

The first tip when creating fuller hair starts with a great blowout. Start out with a volumizing spray at the roots and then section the hair so it will be more manageable to round brush when starting your blow out. When you start blow drying the hair, always direct the hair in a upwards direction so the hair will dry lifted from the scalp.

After the hair is completely dry, use a backcombing brush or a rat tail comb and lift sections around the crown area. With each section, over direct the hair forward and brush hair against the natural direction towards the scalp.

After teasing all of the desired sections, lightly smooth over the top section so hair looks smooth on top. Continue to curl as desired and your hair will not only look as full as ever but the style will hold better as well.

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