Hair Tips to Save Money
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Hair Tips to Save Money

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If you are on a budget like most everyone these days or just looking for a few simple ways to save some $$ on your hairstyling and hair care, follow these 16 Hair Care Tips below to save some cash!

1. If you have successful past experience of coloring your hair, Save money by using box color, for touch ups, instead of going to the salon.
2. Stick to shades close to your natural color when considering highlights or color, so that they aren't as noticeable as they grow out.
3. Use a heat protectant when styling with hot tools to prevent breakage and damaging your ends.
4. Look for 2 in 1 Hair Products (shampoo and conditioner, heat protectant and shine enhancer, etc.)
5. Use color extending shampoo and conditioner to prevent your color from fading quickly.
6. Stick to non-permanent color so that it will fade in weeks to your natural color and you aren't obligated to keep coloring.
7. Choosing one color all over is a much cheaper service than foil highlights.
8. Keep your locks longer, the shorter the style that you choose means more trips to the salon are needed to keep it looking good.
9. Try going to a Cosmetology School instead of a professional, they are supervised and charge a fraction of the price.
10. Have your stylist walk you through styling your hair, so that you don't have to make visits just for a style.
11. Invest in a professional styling tool for more professional results when you are styling on your own.
12. Don't waste product! It only takes a nickle size amount of conditioner and dime size amount of shampoo for medium length hair.
13. If your ends are feeling dry, don't hesitate to leave your conditioner on for 15-20 minutes as a deep conditioner instead of getting a haircut.
14. Keep up on your salons Facebook page or Twitter for specials and promotions.
15. Ask your salon about a referral discount, save money on something that you are already doing- advertising for your stylist.
16. Shampoo less often. It is only recommended to shampoo every other day.

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