Choosing Hairstyle for Face Shape
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Choosing Hairstyle for Face Shape

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Learn how to determine the shape of your face and which hairstyles and cuts for are best for the six basic face shapes.

There is a bit of science in determining what type of face you have. There are six basic face shapes. These include oval, rectangular, round, square, heart, and triangular. In order to find out what shape you are, you will need to measure your face. First, measure the width of your face. This measurement should span the distance between your cheekbones. Write this measurement down. Next, measure the distance between the widest points of your jaw. Write this down. Next, measure your forehead. You will need to do this at the widest point. This is typically halfway between the hairline and eyebrows. Write down this result.

Next, you will need to measure the length of your face. This is vertical length. Measure from your hair line to your chin. If you are uncertain of where these points are, place your thumb on the bottom of your chin. For the average person, your index finger should rest approximately at your hair line. Take this measurement and write it down.

How do I use these numbers to determine the shape of my face?

Oval Faces: 1.5 length versus width
Round faces: Width = Length, rounded dynamics to facial structure.
Heart: There is no direct formula for this shape. Heart-shaped faces have the characteristic of narrow jaw lines and broad foreheads and cheekbones.
Square: Width = Length, prominent cheekbones and little rounding.
Triangular: The triangle characteristic is the inversion of the heart shape. Triangular features include prominent jaws and thinner foreheads and cheekbones.

There are often variations in these different face shapes. If in doubt, ask your stylist. There are many more face shapes than these basic six. However, these are the most common, and many hair styles are meant to fit individuals with these face shapes.

What hair styles suit those with Oval faces?

Those with oval faces have one of the most flexible faces in terms of what hair styles can be worn. Any length is suitable, but it is often suggested that you keep your hair out of your face. Forward styles and long bangs often do not suit those with this face.

What hair styles suit those with Rectangular faces?

Many hair styles with short or medium length will work well with someone with a rectangular face. Long hair styles should typically be avoided, as this can make your face look longer. Shorter styles can give the illusion of a shorter face, which is often desired by those with this face shape.

What hair styles suit those with Round faces?

Those with round faces are often at a disadvantage for hair styles. Shorter cuts can make a round face look even more plump, something many women seek to avoid. Top-heavy layering can help ease the appearance of a round face. Chin length cuts should be avoided as often enhances the appearance of roundness.

What hair styles suit those with Square faces?

Short to medium length hair should be utilized to make the most of the appearance of your face. Curls and waved locks will add contour to your face and add appeal. Avoid straight or long cuts, as these will put focus on the prominent bones of your jaw and cheeks.

What hair styles suit those with Heart-shaped faces?

You will want to focus your styles on chin length or longer cuts. These cuts will draw attention to the best parts of your face and prevent your face from looking too long. Shorter cuts can enhance the appearance of length in your face or hide your cheeks. A high crown should be avoided as this can also make your face look longer.

What hair styles suit those with Triangular faces?

Those with triangular faces want the exact opposite of those with heart-shaped faces. Shorter cuts are the domain of those with this face shape. Longer styles often draw unwanted attention to the jaw line and can make your face look wider. While long styles can be used, they should be used with caution, as only certain styles of long hair will suit someone with this face shape.

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