How to Pick the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Color
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Hair Coloring Tips

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Dying hair has been a common trend among women and men for years. Find out how to pick the best color for your hair and how to maintain your color once you have it!

Dying your hair can be a fun process. You can drastically change your appearance by altering the color of your hair. You can choose between coloring your hair at home or splurging for a professional coloring job. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. However, before you color your hair, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

First, the color process is not safe for your hair. The process of coloring your hair damages the strands. If you have extremely delicate hair, you will need to consider whether or not it is wise to add more damage. Perms are even more damaging than dying. If you have thin or already damaged hair, it will be very important that you use conditioners to revitalize your hair. It is strongly recommended that you wait several weeks between dying to allow your hair to recover.

When you have your hair dyed, chemicals are used to permeate every strand and saturate them with the color of your choice. The dye is left to set usually for approximately twenty minutes so that it will bond to the molecules of your hair. After this is done, the dye is rinsed out. Depending on whether or not you have your hair dyed at a salon, you may be required to forgo washing your hair for several days. This will further allow the dye to set. This is often the case with more delicate colors, primarily reds, purples and blues.

Once you have had your hair colored, you will want to use shampoos that do not contain sodium laureate sulfate. This compound is known to strip dye from hair. There is a lot of controversy over how healthy this compound is as well. In either case, sodium laureate sulfate will make your dye job fade significantly quicker than using shampoos without it. It is also recommended you avoid washing your hair every day if you can avoid it. The less often your hair is washed, the longer your dye will last.

Depending on the growth of your hair, your dyed hairstyle may need renewed within several weeks. This dye job is called a root job, and is intended to make your new roots the same color as the rest of your hair. Salons often give these dye jobs at a lower rate than a full dying. You can do these dye jobs at home. It is important you purchase the same color dye as the original, and take care to avoid overlapping the roots with the dye that is already set. You may also revitalize your dye job by dying your hair with the same shade but leaving the dye in for a shorter duration. You can often control the shade of your hair by how long the dye remains in your hair.

Dying products, shampoos and conditioners are often sold anywhere you can acquire hair care products.

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