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Rachel McAdams Hairstyle

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Here is a starlet that has tended to look the same over the years. While she has grown up some before our eyes since The Notebook, somehow she has always maintained a wholesome beauty, not unlike the latest celebrity hairstyles of Anne Hathaway, that have always been so endearing and charming. And her dimples certainly help with that one. So when we saw her rocking out the blonde bombshell look at her Morning Glory premiere recently, we knew we had to spotlight her new look. Do blondes have more fun? Who knows, but it seems that Rachel McAdams is very good at having fun wherever she goes. Here’s how to get this gorgeous blowout, one that will make you smile just like Rachel McAdams.

When Rachel McAdams stepped out onto the red carpet for the premiere of her new flick “Morning Glory” she certainly turned heads. And not just her own for the cameras. Gone were the days of innocence where her brunette locks and doe like eyes charmed the hearts of America. When Rachel began to promote her new movie, she did so with gorgeous blonde locks that took everybody by surprise. And for her premiere, she not only teased the audience with her sexy new look, but she teased her new look into a sexy style that is very easy to duplicate.

Tools You Will Need: Velcro rollers in various sizes, volumizing mousse, extra hold hairspray, and a fine tooth comb for teasing.

1. Wash your hair with products that you know help to hold your desired curl pattern. Volumizing products for shampoo and conditioner will work well, but you can also use curl enhancing shampoos to maintain hold. Skip the conditioner if your hair is particularly stubborn when it comes to bend.

2. While your hair is still wet, run a dime sized amount of volumizing or curl enhancing mouse through your hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Blow dry your hair with a round brush, lifting at the roots as you do so.

3. While your hair is still warm from the dryer, place your rollers. As you set your rollers, use your fine tooth comb to gently tease the undersides of each section you roll. This is where your gorgeous volume will come in. Medium sized rollers are best used in your front sections, while larger rollers should be used around your crown and in the back. This will create just the volume that you need.

4. After you have set your rollers, spritz some extra hold hairspray on them, and blast them for about 30 seconds with the blow dryer. This additional heat will work wonders for you in terms of setting your wave and desired volume.

5. After your rollers have set and cooled, take them out and give your head a good shake. This will relax the curl somewhat, and the air you shake through your curls will add a gorgeous blast of movement. You can finish with extra hold hairspray at this point, or use a 1” curling iron to add some sleek and sexy finishing touches.

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