Prom Hairstyles 2011 - How to Get Red Carpet Looking Hair
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Prom Hairstyles 2011

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If you are looking for drop dead gorgeous looks for prom hairstyles 2011, then your best bet to stay ahead of the game is to follow the looks of the trendsetters and style icons of today. If you are a red carpet fan, then you know that the name Natalie Portman is definitely one of the biggest names in 2011. This is a girl that gives gorgeous an all new meaning, and as a serious Oscar contender this year for her work in the ballet classic Black Swan, all eyes are on her. What will she say? What will she wear? But most importantly…how will she do her hair? If you are looking for 2011 prom hairstyles, this is the girl who gives you one red carpet look after another, making it very difficult to choose which prom hairstyle you will go with.

Though many of Natalie Portman’s red carpet looks are super sleek and super chic to model her Black Swan ballerina style, she has gone a little daring with some of her red carpet appearances. In this look she appeared on the red carpet for one of her Black Swan premieres in a sexy strapless black dress with a gorgeous wavy do. This look for prom is one that is a little more daring than the average prom updo, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, this is the look you want. Natalie Portman shows you don’t always need to look so serious when you are going formal.

Tools You Will Need: Blow dryer with diffuser attachment, wide tooth comb, various sized Velcro or hot rollers, round brush, curl enhancing mousse, and a 1” curling iron.

1. Wash your hair with curl enhancing or volumizing shampoo and skip the conditioner. Conditioner tends to make hair too slippery to work with, so if you have a history of not being able to bend clean hair easily, skipping conditioner will give you some help. Make a sleek side part and comb the product through with a wide tooth comb.

2. Apply a quarter sized amount of curl enhancing mousse by rubbing it over your palms and then running your hands through your hair. Scrunch the product into your hair, and pay special attention to the ends when scrunching.

3. Blowdry using your diffuser attachment and your round brush, making sure you lift at the crown and at the roots to add some extra volume.

4. While your hair is still warm from drying, section your hair into 1” sections and put it in rollers. The smaller rollers should be in the front to frame your face, while the larger ones can go around your crown for volume and in the back. Let the rollers set for at least 30 minutes, keeping in mind the longer they set the more wave you will get. If however you did not use conditioner, you don’t want them in too much longer than 30 minutes or you may risk damage to your ends.

5. When the rollers have set your hair and cooled, take them out and finger comb your hair. Pull the curls apart to create more voume and the wavy effect that Natalie has here. For some added shine that will glam you up perfectly, apply just a dime-size amount of glossing serum to your fingers and lightly run over the hair to tame. This will give you both the sleek and sexy look that you are after with just the perfect amount of volume.

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