2 Simple Steps to Gorgeous Wavy Hair for 2011
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Wavy Hairstyle Tips 2011

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How can you look super sexy for the rest of the summer without breaking the bank or your sleeping in time? Gorgeous breezy waves are all the rage this summer both on and off the beach volleyball court, and they are much easier than you may think. Just follow these two simple steps and you will be rocking the beach with sexy waves that are sure to turn heads.

1. Braids are going to be your friend here, and as much as it may sound a little too Little House on the Prairie, just remember how cute Nicole Richie is when she pulls it off. You can too. You can wear your braids in or out of the house, whichever you prefer. Braids alone are a very cute beach look if you are trying to catch the guy’s attentions. Do remember that in most cases it was not Ginger, but rather Mary Ann that many of your male counterparts still lust after today. You can put your braids in overnight or the day before your wave debut. Wash your hair with texturizing shampoo and conditioner to give your braids a little volume, and this will seal the bend in the next day as well. A smidge of styling pomade over wet hair is perfect to add additional texture for next day waves. Put your hair into two braids, yes, Little House on the Prairie style, and sleep on them overnight. The bend should dry and set overnight, but if your braids are still a bit damp in the morning, blast them with the blow dryer and let cool for 15 minutes.

2. All you need to do at this stage is take the elastics out of your hair about 20 minutes before you hit the beach. Fingercomb the braids out and your hair will naturally fall into sexy voluminous beach waves. You can clip a section to the side if you wish to keep your face cool, or slip a chic headband on to pull it off your face. Spritz a smidge of antihumectant on your waves and get ready to turn heads all day long with your wavy hairstyle.

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