2 Easy Steps to Deal With Bangs You Donít Know What to Do With
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How to Style Bangs

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Weíve all been at this hair stage at some point, that in between ground when you have bangs and layers and lengths that you just arenít sure what to do with. Keeping bangs tends to take some years off, while growing them out also creates a sexy look that is clean and streamlined and seen on all the runways. Either trend is in style, but what to do with those pesky bangs when you havenít decided which way to go yet? Thankfully bobby pins have become an all new accessory and you can and should use them to your fullest advantage.

Bobby pins were originally invented to be concealed under our hair to hold those pretty styles in place. But right now, they are coming out in full swing and making noticeable appearances on Tinseltown trendsetters.This is an accessory that is one size fits all, and when you are having a bad bangs day, using a pin is an easy and sleek way to pin them back. You can do these on your comfy cozy days at home to get them out of your face or sleek it back for an elegant evening look. Play around with different pins, you can pick all kinds up now with cute glitzy accessories.

Step 1: You want to make sure you give yourself a nice even part, and this is easiest to do when your hair is wet. Spritz some max hold hairspray on your comb before you do this for an even sleeker line.

Step 2: You will be pinning your hair to the side, in a side swept manner that looks casual and effortless. For max hold, spread the pin with your finger before you put it on and mist with some max hold hairspray before you pin. This will give the pin some additional traction and your pretty new accessory will stay in place longer.

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