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In case you havenít noticed, waves and curls are pretty big this year, and even if you have flat as a board straight hair. You know that shows like Gossip Girl and 90210 are hot not just for their sizzling scenes and sit on the edge of your seat plotlines, but also for their gorgeous looks. And season after season we are seeing the same thing, big, bold, beautiful hair. Itís not an easy look to accomplish, and for some of us, an even harder look to maintain once you set the wave, but it CAN be done and itís much easier than you think. Note to yourself, a little prep time (i.e. overnight prep time) will go a long way here.

Step 1: Do nothing, and by that, do not wash. One trick that you will learn with practice is not to do this with perfectly clean hair. The more unwashed your hair is, the easier it will be to bend. You donít REALLY want to much past second day hair, and you will see why in the next step.

Step 2: Go ahead and mess it up a bit more. Use a heavy volumizing mousse in your unwashed hair and this is going to give your hair some edge and some hold before you even begin the wave. See, this is why you donít want to go past second day hair. Any more than that and dirty hair with product is just plain ick.

Step 3: Set your hair overnight in rollers or rags. If you really canít stand having dirty hair, you can get away with a wash that day, and set your hair overnight. If you like tying your hair in rags like they did it old school, these are very easy to sleep on. Once you have your hair set, spray your head with some hair spray to give it just a little more hold while you are sleeping. The key here is, the longer your hair is set, the longer your waves will last. So, you may want to set your hair when you get home from work one night, and leave the rags or rollers in until the next day. Or, set it early morning on a Sunday, and leave it in for 24 hours until you have to go to work on Monday.

Step 4: After you take the rags or rollers out, finger comb your hair until you have found the volume you like and spray with a maximum hold spray. If you want a softer look, you can brush out your curls into soft high volume waves. If you need a tweak here or there, wind some strands around the curling iron and you are good to go. All the work is done for you literally overnight.

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