5 Tips That Will Save You Money Between Color Appointments
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Choosing a hair color can be difficult, but the winter is the most common time of year for women to change their hair color. With the winter blahs, a quick color change can have an effect on your entire look, and on your mood as well without doing something too drastic. But good hair depends on good color, so how do you know what color to choose? Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to a boost to the winter blahs in no time.

1. Take stock of how far you want to go. Are you raven haired wishing to go platinum? What is your color commitment? Remember the upkeep you will need to maintain if you are going drastic, as roots are a fact of life. If you arenít so committed, or donít have the time or budget for upkeep, stick to something close to your natural color with just enough shift to freshen up those blahs.

2. If you ARE fully committed to something drastic, do your first color in salon, as the maintenance required and foundation will be best handled by an expert. Here you will be able to also get the product you need as well as professional advice on how to maintain your new look.

3. Ace your color application to make it last and decrease on upkeep in these economic times. The key to that is preparation. You donít want to wash your hair the day of a coloring. You want a little bit of oil on your hair in order to help your color adhere. You CAN however try a moisturizing mask the night before as hydration will also help keep that color fresh for much longer.

4. If you are going it at home, you want your hair slightly damp with application, as this will help in the absorption as well. Always, always begin with the roots as the ends are much drier and will absorb much more product. Ever notice how your crown doesnít seem as fresh as your roots? Thatís why, pay more attention here and you will finish with a well rounded look.

Donít shampoo again for at least 48 hours. This helps set and lock in that fantastic shade you chose, and will keep that maintenance period even longer!

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