3 Sexy Hair Secrets the Stars Adore
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Winter Hair Care Tips

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When it comes to sexy hair, the stars have the products and methods on lock. How many times have we seen a star with short, ratty hair for a part in a movie and then walk out on the red carpet just months later with beautiful locks of shiny hair? While many of these stars have hair specialists and extensions to create new and exciting looks, it is often the secret tricks that anyone can use that make your hair just as sexy.

Forget the Frizz – Whether the air is humid or the morning was running late, frizz is a reality in everyone’s life from time to time. Frizz is nothing to be afraid of even for the most recognized stars. L’Oreal Liss Ultime is the secret frizz solution for the stars. One drop is all it takes to tame the frizzies and leave hair smooth and luxurious. For best results, apply to hair before blow drying and forget the roots – just add the serum from ½” out to the ends of your hair.

Sizzle with Shine – When light reflects off a celebrities hair, the shine can burn a hole in your retina. There are no specialized products behind that shine, just over the counter serums that are available at VERY affordable prices. Sebastian Trilliant is the serum of the stars. This hair styling product protects hair from styling damage and infuses hair with microglimmers that reflect light. Ah ha! That is why they are always styling in shine!

Tame the Tangles – Victoria’s Secret is constantly adding new beauty products to their So Sexy line and their detangler is absolutely amazing. There is no alcohol in this scented detangler so hair damage from fragrance is not a problem. The subtle scent is enough to make any man crazy and the detangling power isn’t so bad either. The price is whopping $10 – amazing!

Life with celebrity style hair does not have to break the bank. Celebrities are known for using common products anyone can find on the shelves of your favorite retailer and not the expensive alternatives many people believe they are using. If you have locks you love, take care of those strands with red carpet ready products.

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god!! i wish i could have pretty hair!! mine iz ok but i wont kool hair styles!!
Marie Falls04-23-2010
A black women with nappy thinning hair damaged by chemical. What can I do to get back the healthy head of hair I once had. I am afraid of trusting anymore relaxer. Help
now that is what u call cute

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