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Locks of Love

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All around the world, people are battling serious illnesses that sap their strength, kill their energy, and causes sever hair loss. While hair loss does not sound as important as a lack of strength or energy, this lack of hair can be quite devastating to those who have so little in their lives, and simply want to look human and normal. It can be quite a confidence and strength boost just to be able to look in the mirror and see hair on their head. That is where Locks of Love can help and does help for many different people.

Locks of Love is an organization that anyone with twelve inches or more of unprocessed hair can give to when they get their hair cut. Locks of Love then takes this hair and creates wigs with it, creating hair for those who do not have hair. These wigs are styled and provided free of cost to those who need it the most. This can be the life saving change that so many need to keep their strength up.

Locks of Love does require that all of the hair that is donated be unprocessed. This means that the hair should not be dyed or permed in any way. This is to help to preserve the strength and the integrity of the hair. Hair that has been processed often has damage marks and a weaker shaft. This causes the hair to fall out over time and makes it harder for the wig makers to use the hair. Unprocessed hair does not have this amount of damage and therefore is easier to style and sew into a wig.

Locks of Love gathers hair from across the nation through the various different salons. Just about any salon that one goes to have his or her hair cut is able to cut the hair for Locks of Love. Some salons even donate the hair cut itself and the hair style to the individual who is giving their hair up for Locks of Love.

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i love this hair style
relly nice
cool i am going this hair style
My sister has donated to Locks of love a couple of times. I can not because my hair is highlighted.
Actually there is some question about how much of the hair that they actually SELL to fund opertions. Check out the Pantene program as an alternative.
I gave all my hair except about 3 inches on top of my head. my hair was almost draging to the floor.but hey if im helping someone out its all gud to me hair or no hair just as long as someone has at least one gud day!
i just donated ten inches of hair today and i keep forgetting its so short
sara hudson10-29-2009
i am going to give my hair to locks of love but i am affraid noone will help me fix it so it will be short but beautiful , my hair is about 16 in. long. thank you sara im in jacksons gap, al.
Great article! I have donated my hair twice with Locks of Love. First was 16 inches long and second was 13 inches.
wat u dng

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