Lindsay Lohan Goes Bold - How to Hairstyle Tips
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Lindsay Lohan Hairstyle

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Lindsay Lohan is seen here with her younger sister Ali Lohan as they come out of the side door of the ‘Byron and Tracy’ hair salon in Beverly Hills, California. Lindsay has been making headlines this week again as it sounds like she and her long time girlfriend Samantha Ronson have split up…again.

And by all accounts and purposes, it sounds like this breakup is actually going to stick, as Lindsay has been broken hearted and doing all the things you do when you breakup….like get a new hairstyle. These are things she never did in the past with any of their umpteen splits, and Lindsay herself has reported that she is devastated and that life is hell for her right now.

So a brand new look with a fiery color may be just what she needed to perk her spirits up a bit. I have to say, in all of the hair colors that we have seen on Lindsay over the years, this one is one of my personal favorites, and it truly showcases the vixen that she is, this is not one girl that you want to mess with at all.

1. If you want this look, you can work with your stylist to find the right shade of red that works for your skin tone, and long luscious waves are easy to accomplish and very sexy on bright red hair.

2. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to wash, and then run mousse through your hair from roots to tips.

3. Put your hair in rollers for this one, but you are not looking for curls as much as waves, so you don’t want to keep them on too long.

4. After your rollers have set, take them out and finger comb the waves out for a sexy, voluminous look. As you can see, Lindsay herself doesn’t fuss too much with perfect styling, so don’t worry about precise parts or flyaways, casual and carefree are the markers to this look.

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