Long Hair Styles Get a Face Lift with Razors
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Long Hairstyle Razor Cut

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For women with long hair styles, their tresses are as sacred to them as some women's children. Long hair is given the royal treatment and layers and bangs are avoided like the plague. This year, women are stepping outside of these rules and modernizing their styles with a razor's edge.

With the help of a great stylist, that you trust, try edging off the frontal most sections of long hair with a razor. The "bangs" do not have to be forehead length to achieve a modern style. A razor's cut framing the face will offer an uneven and crisp new look to otherwise single length long hair style.

Step outside of the classic rules of long hair styles and razor those edges for a new and sleek long hair look.

Hello Kitty :302-13-2009
Hey im just here FO SHO but I dunno man this hair styles is pimpin
Alice Cullen08-20-2008
I like this article! If I had longer hair, I would so go with it. I am going to try this look on my sister, Bella. Thanks! I know it will look great on her! ;) -A.C.

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