How to Do Paris Hilton Short Hairstyle
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I really don’t know what it is about this girl, but she seems to have a different hairstyle every single day, and one never knows what look she is going to pull out next. Here Paris is seen channelling her inner Wonder Woman on a night out in West Hollywood with her “longtime” boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

First the happy couple dined out at the hot Koi restaurant, after which they clubbed at the My House Lounge for their rocking night out. And I am not quite sure if Paris was heading out in costume, or if she was trying on a new look, but this headband slash flapper slash Wonder Woman look just makes the whole style look like a getup. Up until the headband I would say she was doing okay, but this forehead headband look is much better left to thinner headbands that are worn during the day with boho styling and hippy grunge. This is NOT a look that bodes well for a night on the town, and I don’t even think Gisele Bundchen or Jennifer Aniston and their always perfect styling could pull this off either. But you wouldn’t see them even attempt this getup.

At any rate, this look is easy to accomplish, but you really want to skip the headband if you are attempting this look for a night on the town. You can get this look first by getting the right cut, so ask your stylist for longer length in the back and at your sides, but get some volume pumped into the top with shaggy layers cut into your crown.

To style then, you can use some styling wax on towel dried hair, and blow dry your hair with a round bristle brush. This look is sleek, so you aren’t going to worry too much about volume here. When your hair is dried, spritz some antihumectant spray on your locks, and then run the flat iron over your entire head, bending the ends only slightly for some face framing style.

By using the flat iron, you will lock in the antihumectant so your hair stays straight and sleek all night long, and it also adds some extra shine to that gorgeous style. For some extra shine for a night out, you can spritz on some glossing serum for a shiny, sexy finish that will instantly glam up any night on the town. Sweeping your bangs to the side is the only additional step you need here. Remember, headband bad. Sleek, good.

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