How to Get the Perfect Summer Hair Color
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Perfect Summer Hair Color

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When it comes down to it, you can implement any new beauty add-on into your regular routine for an instant fix me up. Unfortunately however, few fix me ups offer gratification beyond the moment, but there is one thing that you can do to add instant glam to your overall look, and offers an effect that lasts much longer than that of a new eye shadow or nail color. Itís all in the hair girls, and if you really want a quick fix that isnít too dramatic, all you need to do is change your hair color and an all new you is right around the corner. And this Spring, the choices are hot, rich, and sizzling, depending on what trend you follow. Youíll also be happy to hear that no matter what color you want, it will be right en pointe with this seasonís colors. Blondes are blonder and brunettes are getting even more chocolatey. And, if you really want to stand out in a crowd, the reds this season are HOT. Here are a few tips and tricks to mastering the perfect summer or spring color. No matter what you choose, it wonít be out of style.

The key with choosing a color this season is to choose a color that is one extreme of the shade that you want. This seasonís colors are standing out against natural counterparts and are rich, bright, and contain hues that capture the sun in ways you would never dream of. So you want to go either super dark, super light, or super hot if you are in the red palette.

When it comes to dark choices, if you havenít gone dark before, you want to start with a color that is semi-permanent. If you have even a smidge of dyerís remorse, a semi permanent will last only 6 weeks and will not damage your hair. These colors will stain only your hairís surface, and if you decide to go lighter later, it will be a snap with a semi. With darks you also want to do this gradually. For blonde girls, going chocolate or even black in one swoop will have a startling effect. It may look great on the latest celebrity, but it can be a little too harsh if your skin is on the fair side. Take gradual steps and you yourself will also ease into the transition. Once you have found a shade that complements your skin tone, stay with it.

If you are dark haired and want to go light, start with highlights. This will ease the transition as well, and will introduce you to the idea of lighter hair. Dark to light is a drastic step, and many people do experience dyerís remorse here, so begin with highlights as your first baby step. You want to avoid all over highlights as it is somewhat outdated and it doesnít look natural. Stagger your highlights so that it looks like you were born with those sun-kissed streaks. Your hair will also need some strengthening if you are going light, because lighter colors contain bleach that is damaging. Use protein treatments every month, or even every week if you can swing it. To go extremely blonde, this is not a do it yourselfer, you WILL want the hands on help from a stylist and professional salon.

And, when it comes to redheads, there are no rules here. If you have the confidence, go for a look that screams sirens and will make heads turn. Going red doesnít require any pre-development or treatment, and is the easiest shade to then change to a next level Ė darker or light. In fact, if you are looking for an extreme change, red may be the perfect starting point as you can then take your shade wherever you want with ease. And who knows, many a color change that has begun with red has stayed that way. You might love it enough to stay as bold and brazen as your haircolor.

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Image Source: Naperville Hair Salon
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red hair looks great 4 a while, till it fades then looks ginger and dry.....
How bout NAH!!!!!!!!!
This article is ok. I guess.
bad color soon will be fake
In my experience, although red can be gorgeous, it fades more quickly than other colors and you will need to be committed to regular maintance to keep your color looking fab.
that hair color is ugly
need red color that doesnt fade
the hair colour is soo hot i love it
the article is o.k
Stupid hair color
this is ugly
that color is very hot...i love it
want a new color but natural
not me05-23-2009
wow that hair style sucks buttt
i want summer hairr.....
i wnat my hair to be as hot as poissible soo help me find one

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