Transform Medium Length Hair from Flat to Fabulous
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Eva Longoria Medium Length Hair with Layers

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While medium length hair is the overall easiest length to style, when hair is in the growing out stage it can appear flat, with little or no volume. The key to pumping up even the flattest of medium length hair is in the layers.

Medium length hair can achieve volume beyond your wildest dreams with a few careful cuts. Layers as long as four inches in length can remove the bubble look that tends to appear when hair is growing out. These layers can be either shear cut, for subtle volume or razor cut for a wispy and wild look.

Medium hair does not have to be flat and unappealing. With the addition of a few layers, medium length hair can move from flat to fabulous in minutes.

Shelby Cooper01-12-2010
Hey guys I just wanted to say that the ARTICAL rocks my world!!!And I love the picture of the famous motel !!!!! NOT!!!!

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