The Evening Look with Medium Length Hair
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Medium Length Hairstyle Tips

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After a long day at work, you may not want to restyle your hair for a night on the town. Medium length hair is unique in that you can choose either short hair styling methods or long hair styling methods to achieve a great evening look.

One of the hottest trends in medium hair style is the half up, half down do. This style can be achieved by gathering small sections of hair, started at the ear line and pulling the hair toward the back of the head. Securing each of these pieces with a bobby pin and then twisting the remaining hair into a small bun style and securing, again, with a bobby pin. Continue this process completely around the front of the face, ending at the opposite ear. With the remaining hair in the back of the head, curl into twists and spray with a finishing spray.

To add even more zest to this style, try curling the back of the hair out into a flip style and separate with a holding wax.

I need pictures
this haiirstyles sophisticated .you could wear it on a regular day or a fancy day
Sounds cute, wish I had a photo.......
Almost impossible to follow. I agree....need photos for this one.
Yes it would make it easier to understand with photos.
i completely agree with linda!
You need to add photo examples of the styling technique to make it more understandable.

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