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Anne Hathaway Hairstyles

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Anne Hathaway is seen here channelling Jackie O in an uber contemporary way, with oversized shades and a two toned trenchcoat that is just oh so chic. Though she has not been on set any time recently, she has been putting her free time to good use with some charity work.

Anne was spotted here leaving St. Aloysius School in Harlem where she was on site to unveil the ‘Feeding America’ artwork at the Renaissance cafe inside the school. And it seems like an nasty ex-con boyfriend is not the only thing that Anne Hathaway has shed this year, it looks like she has shorn her voluminous waves to sport a chic cropped look that is sleek and very contemporary.

Cropped locks are the new black in Hollywood as far as hairstyles are concerned and instead of going super short, Anne has gone to a semi-medium length that is very pretty.

This is a great look for those with naturally heavy and wavy hair, as shorter lengths will lighten the weight on your hair and give you more texture and make the most of your volume. To get this look, go for a medium length cut with slight but chunky layers and this will give you the movement you want.

To achieve this sleek look, blow dry your hair with a flat paddle brush, and this will smooth out any natural waves that you may have, and leave you with a super soft finish that is simply touchable.

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I agree.
Unfortunately she looks like she has waded through a sewer the last time she wore the coat...not chic !

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