2008-2009 Winter Hairstyle Tips
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2009 Winter Hairstyle Tips

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Winter time is dark and dreary, but that does not mean that your hair has to be. You can have a fun and fabulous hairstyle even on the worst of days. There are, however, hairstyles that are more suited for summer days rather than winter. The first thing you should look at is what to avoid in the winter.

Hairstyles that dont always work in the winter are bold blonde hair that will make your skin seemed washed out, sun highlights when there is no sun outside, and frosted hair that can occur naturally in sunlight. The loss of sunlight in the winter just makes it more evident that these styles are not natural.

What you should be using for your hairstyles are dark, rich colors and subtle lowlights that will make your hair look great in the winter. Adding extra volume to your hair will also give you a great winter look by balancing your hair with all of those bulky winter clothes.

Bangs are another good move for winter. The bangs will draw attention to your eyes rather than your skin that could be paler. And you can have a lot of fun with different types of bangs, making sure that the type you choose will fit the shape of your face.

Long hair is perfect for winter because it wears well over winter clothes and under winter hats. It can be straight, wavy, or curly. And if you are approaching winter with hair that is nowhere near long, you can get extensions in order to freshen up your look. Ends that are layered and flipped will look great along with some good accessories.

If you want to stick with your shorter hair, you can get a bob that will be quick and easy to take care of in the winter months. You can either choose a mess bob that is more carefree, or your can have a heavily tapered look with an exotic flair, depending on your personality. Shags are also another great shorter style that will show off any great lowlights that you may have, or you can get lowlights to make a stunning look even better.

If you want a cutting-edge dramatic look to your hair, you will want to get a razor cut. This will add a lot of drama with a little effort. And this messy style will be able to add to any bold, confident personality.

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:( SADO04-15-2009
What is the best type of fringe in season now?
helss belllss02-27-2009
yeah what do you do if your hair is a frizzy curly afro?
I want a hairstyle that reflects me not "everyone"
k k01-15-2009
that is dumb, your hair should reflect your personality, so if you wear your hair rediculously blonde, keep doing it, unless you are trying to please other people
Yea i have super curly frizzy hair wat do i do
i like my hair dark in the winter, always looks good (: great article !
I want to cut my hair short but i dont know what will look best with my face.
yah totally what about curly, frizzy hair?!!?
It is a good ways is suitable for winter because winter is now in Saudi Arabia Thank you a lot Merci =)
ruth flanigan12-16-2008
how about no scott
this is soo awesome my boyfriend will love it
i think this is just to make people go to Bob. me personally there is no right and wrong way to wear your hair, its whatever you like.
shinnie mcfinig12-10-2008
what about people with frizzy hair?!
this is a great inf. for those people that are in the industry and do not have the grates imagination

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