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Reese Witherspoon Hairstyle

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Yes, we all know this girl as one of America’s sweethearts, and one of the reasons she is so much so is because she keeps her cards close and a very low profile. So when she showed up at Good Morning America for a little chat, she was thronged with photographers and fans and seemed a little overwhelmed by it all. The attention was so high in fact that a brawl outside the studios ensued and she got a little flustered as a result.

But Reese Witherspoon, even when she is flustered, seems to be able to take it all in, all the while never letting ‘em see her sweat. And that is one of the many qualities she exudes that makes her so glamorous. For her appearance at GMA, Reese went for just a little bit of volume on her cropped locks and a soft brushed look.

To achieve this look you will be happy to hear that very little styling is required. Add some volumizing serum to towel dried hair and blow dry your hair with a soft bristle round brush. As you blow dry, roll your ends under with the brush to soften up your texture.

A few Velcro rollers in your hair sections at the crown then are all you need to give yourself a little lift and height. Let them set for 20 minutes, and after you take your Velcro rollers brush out your hair with the same soft bristle brush. Volume and softness are the effects you are looking for, not waves and curls. By brushing your hair out, you soften and freshen up your entire look without looking overstyled.

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I like this hair style it is very cute!

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