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Nicole Kidman Hairstyles

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Nicole Kidman is seen here at the press call for ĎAustraliaí in Sydney, Australia, and as you can see here, she is looking stunning as ever. And this look that Nicole has is picture perfect, because it highlights the fact that you donít have to go overboard to look absolutely glamorous.

Nicole has dolled herself up for a red carpet event, and she proves that you donít have to overstyle to finish a perfect look. She has pinned her hair up, and back, in a contemporary and elegant low bun. But the true feature on this hairstyle? Thatís right. The jewelled hair accessory that is sneaking out of the side of her sleek bun.

One notices nothing else when they look at Nicole here, and the eye is immediately drawn to the glitzy hair bling. This look is very easy, and fast to do as well. You only need to work some hair wax through your locks to give it some bend and some hold.

Give yourself a sleek straight part in the center, and comb your hair back into a ponytail that sits low on the neck, but donít fasten the ponytail just yet. Twist the ponytail until it buckles, and then coil the ponytail into a base that sits pretty on the neck.

Use some bobby pins the same color as your hair to secure, and spritz the bun with some extra hold spray. You can use a fine tooth comb to smooth any bumps along the sides, and do so before you apply your hair accessory.

Finally, add a hair gem that sneaks out of your bun and onto your side the way that Nicole does, and you will be sure to turn heads all night long.

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she is old women so sorry Nicole but this is the fact

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