Hair Care Tips For the Holidays
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Holiday Hair Care Tips

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Life, and work, and the environment on their own can take a toll on our hair. When you add in the frenetic pace of the holiday season, your hair will feel like itís taken a beating. Problem is, your hair will look like it has as well. And so we all jet off to the stylist in those last pressing days before the season begins to primp, color, cut, and blow our hair into perfection.

Unfortunately, many of these styles donít even last as long as the blow out time they took. Why does this happen? It has little to do with the stylist or the cut that you just got, and everything to do with hair that hasnít been taken care of. If you go in to a new look with healthy hair, your new cut or color will last longer and keep your look fresh that much longer.

Here are some tips to help you keep your hair in tip top shape and in perfect health after the busy days of the holiday season try to take their toll...

∑ Hydrate hydrate hydrate are the three big rules to healthy hair that shines and has natural, clean movement. When our hair is well moisturized and hydrated, it radiates an instant shine. The most natural way to hydrate your hair is to hydrate yourself. Keep up with your eight glasses of H20 a day, and even more if you can. And remember, when you forget all of the OTHER rules to take care of your hair, hydrate.

∑ If you are starting to fight a little frizz as you get closer and closer to your next trim, use some conditioner to combat it. Dampen your hands with water and add a dot of hand lotion to your damp hands. Run your hands through your hair and distribute evenly, then tie your hair into a knot or a bun. If you can, sleep on it this way, or blow dry and let set for at least 20-30 minutes.

∑ After your shower, instead of rubbing your hair with the towel, scrunch the towel into your hair. This will alleviate static electricity and possible end damage.

∑ Use an ionic ceramic tool when heating your hair. Ionic ceramic flat irons or curling irons use negative ions to protect your hair shaft.

∑ Get in the habit of giving yourself a weekly hot oil or deep conditioning. You can pick up do it yourself kits at the grocery store, or get it done in the salon.

Many times we think that we already have great looking hair so we donít bother with these little hair care tips. However, even when you have healthy hair, regular hair care is the only way to keep that hair looking fresh and young all day every day. And when it comes to the holiday season, youíve never needed that more.

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