How to Achieve Tossled Look With Medium Length Hair
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Tossled Hair Look

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Medium length hair is one of the most easily styled lengths of hair. If you are trying for that tossled, romantic look, here are a few tips toward that loving creation.

Divide your medium length hair into numerous separate chunks while wet. On each chunk apply your favorite mousse or hair styling product. Twist each of these chunks tightly and secure onto the head with a bobby pin. Continue this process until all of the hair is twisted and secured. Leave your hair to dry naturally or dry with a hair dryer on low. Remove the bobby pins and shake the head from side to side to loosen the twists. Spray hair with a finishing spray and you are tossled and ready for an evening on the town.


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naturally curly hair, use a different product!
this doesnt work for people with naturally curly hair!
looks like a blonde she-travolta
like the idea
he/she looks stoned
no way08-17-2008
i have no words for this.... person.
yeah! it looks like a drag queen but who cares!! he/she has really nice hair!!
it does look like a drag queen.
hey these tips work pretty good
hey love the tips
is that a drag queen?!

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