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Jessica Simpson Extensions

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Jessica Simpson is seen here dining out at the trendy Madeos Restaurant with her BFF and hairstylist Ken Paves. And yes, this was the infamous night where Jessicaís friend, Ken, got into a kerfuffle with the media. Not sure what happened when, but Ken ended up with a camera in the face and a trip to the hospital shortly after the two were spotted at Madeos.

The media was in a bit of a frenzy due to the fact that Jessica Simpson was seen at one point placing her hand over her tummy as she left the restaurant. And since Jessica has been fighting the pregnancy rumor mill lately, that gave pause for concern.

Here, Jessica is making the most of her hair extensions, and whether she has grown in dress sizes or not remains to be seen, but her hair is definitely packing on the volume. For extensions, this look is easy accomplished with a wide inch curling iron, as this will give you more wave and less curl.

If you want to rock this kind of wave on long natural hair, you only need to use some wax pomade on towel dried locks and then blow dry your hair with a large round brush. Set your hair in large sized rollers, but donít let them sit for too long, as your end goal is wave and not curl. As you take your rollers out, shake out the wave and finger comb when all rollers have been removed.

The key here is sexy tousled hair that packs a lot of punch with the volume. For some added glam, spritz on some glossing serum for a sexy, shiny look.

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