Sarah Michelle Gellar New Hairstyle - Fringed Bangs
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Celebrity Hairstyles

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Sarah Michelle Gellar is seen here sporting a brand new look while she attends the launch of the Juicy Couture Flagship Store Opening in New York City.

Sarah has changed her hairstyle to give her a younger, fresher look. And this is the instant effect you see when you go for the fringed bang look. Fringe bangs are an easy and chic way to instantly take several years off your overall look, and they are so easy to maintain.

If you have longer hair, ask your stylist for long chunky layers along the sides to give your locks texture and easy movement that won’t require much styling. The finishing touch will be the fringe bangs that will draw instant attention to your pretty eyes, and give yourself an instant youthful look. And bangs are a very versatile addition to your look, as you can play with these with bohemian twists at the side, pretty headbands, or chunk them up for an edgy punky look.

If you’ve been thinking of freshening up your look over the long winter months, bangs are a great way to make simple change that will change your look entirely.

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all u guys haten on her are total rejects her nose is adorable!! u just wish urs was like hers! an dthe hair is absolutely gorgeous!!
Look in the mirror and then dare to make a negative remark. She looks great.
This is the best she has look so far!
omg you guys are so mean who said all that stuff about her nose like its just a nose i bet none of you are perfect either!
woww....its pretty buh she really should get a fix up on her nose...buh over all her hair looks beutiful
The color is perfect!!But i think her hairstyle forgot about a little detail: her terrible nose!!
Thats so rude what was said about her nose.Sarah is a beautiful woman and the fringe bangs look great. Someone always has to hate.What should she get a nose job now... its soo the thing to do these days, right? I am so sick of all the woman today becoming so superficial. It really is sad.Love yourself ladies.
Her nose is aaawful!
I think the hairstyle does make her look younger but does enphasise her nose
If you have a bad should not have front in your eyes bangs. It totally accentuates her terrible nose. Her eyes should be the focus.
luv the color and the overall cut but I would rather see the bangs out of her eyes.

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