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Ashley Tisdale Hairstyle
Lindsey Lohan Curly Hairstyle
Blake Lively Wavy Hairstlye
Holly Madison Hairstyles

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Ashley Tisdale mini-pompadour hairstyle: Ashley’s style here has brought back the famous ‘Hollywood bump’ which is a way of styling your hair in a mini-pompadour with your bangs, and keeping the rest clean and polished. This look is very easy to achieve, particularly since you are only focusing the real attention on your bangs.

Ashley Tisdale
How to do it: Start off with clean hair and blow dry from root to tip, but leave your bangs damp. You will then comb some gel through your long, damp bangs. Create a side part on one side of your bangs with a fine tooth comb, and dry your bangs backwards using a round brush. Create another side part on the other side of your bangs, and then flip the entire section backwards. You can tease the roots of your bangs so that you achieve a little bit of lift in the front, and then pin the section down with two bobby pins in a horizontal pattern. Attempt to criss cross the pins across each other for maximum hold. A little bit of extra hold hairspray is all you need to finish. Run a flat iron over the rest of your locks and sleek it out with some varnish or glossy spray to finish. This look can be achieved whether you have bangs or not, if you have long hair in the front you would like to pull back, the end look is the same and is oh so polished and pretty! The beauty about this look as well is that you can dress it up or down, throw on some jeans and a tee and you are beautifully styled for hanging out, or a day at the mall as well. More Ashley Tisdale Hairstyles

Lindsey Lohan Curly Hairstyle
Lindsey Lohan
How to do it:Start off in the evening washing your hair with texturizing shampoo that will give your hair some bend and texture, and towel dry your hair for about ten minutes. Apply some thickening spray to your hair and finger comb the product through, but do not use a comb or brush. Use medium sized foam rollers to set your hair in sections, and form each section into a twist before you set it around the roller. In the morning, if your hair is still damp, blow dry it with the rollers still in to set your curls even tighter. Do not remove the rollers until your hair is completely dry and as you take the rollers out, separate the curls to enhance your overall volume. You can then use a mini curling iron to fix up any tweaks. Part your hair on the side aligned with the middle of one brow as you neaten up your look, but don’t brush or comb your curls out, use your hands to style. Finish the look with some extra hold hairspray.
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Blake Lively Wavy Long Hairstyle:
Blake Lively
How to do it:To achieve this look, you are going to focus on the curl, and you want to incorporate a little messy unruly factor in this so don’t fuss too much about perfection. Start by washing your hair with texturizing shampoo and conditioner to inititally train it for some bend and movement. You will then spritz on some curl activating spray on your damp hair and create your part while it is wet. The key now is to let your hair air dry, so if you have longer locks, some time will be required. Blow drying to quicken things up is going to hamper your final curl, so stay away from this extra heat. One or two curling irons then is all you need, but it is your method of curling that will do the trick. You want to use alternating sizes of curling irons so that you don’t end up with uniform curls and you end up with this messy curly look. You will curl from the base of your hair and twist up, stopping just three inches from the roots of your hair. Use one size for one curl, then the next, and keep alternating. When you are finished curling your entire head, touch thee not your curls, and flip your head over and shake out your curls. This will give some separation and that quick messy look that is sexy, and elegant at the same time.
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Holly Madison Volumous Hair
Holly Madison
How to do it:This is a somewhat complicated endeavour, but as you can see, the final effect is well worth the time you put in. You want to wash and condition your hair with volumizing shampoo for starters, and as a an added trick, rinse your hair with cold water. Yes it will sting, but the cool water will build extra volume by sealing in the cuticle and locking in some extra shine. Add some amplifying mousse to towel dried hair and divide your hair into three sections – sides, back, and nape. Starting at the back, blow dry using a round brush, and when hair is completely dry, wrap large sections around your hair and blow hot air on it for about 10 seconds. Blast it with the cool setting for just as long to seal in that extra wave. As a final touch, you can use a wide barrel curling iron for additional wave and volume.
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FAB!!!! girl06-17-2009
absolutly amazing! helped bunches
I did totally HELP!! i am in junior high and my hair is all wrong! but i love ur hair!! seeing all the pics of you and you hair has helped me!
hannah montna11-11-2008
hey. i like ashley hear .thet is bytefal
I LOVE UR HAIR wat did u do to it???

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