Mandy Moore Goes Bohemian
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Mandy Moore Hairstyles

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Mandy Moore is seen here walking to her car after spending the morning in an office building in Los Angeles. Hmm....could Mandy have a new film in the works? Letís hope so! Mandy has been a little off the radar lately since she hasnít had any major releases of late, and most people know her for her work on film. However, she has recently made some major headlines when her personal life took a turn for the better. Having been connected with DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) for a brief fling in the past, Mandy has proven that tragedy can re-connect people when they are meant to be together. Following DJ AMs plane crash, it sounds like Mandy and DJ have rekindled the fire and are happier than ever, which may explain the smile on her face. Here we see Mandy has chopped off some of her long layers, and is going with the current Hollywood trend of shorter locks in a cute shoulder length bob. And she is showing that short hair doesnít always mean boring, as she has pulled her hair back in cute Bohemian twists. This pretty look can be accomplished on any length of hair whether you have bangs or not. You want to first create a middle part, and then take two sections from the front from either side of your part. Twist these sections individually and then pin them at the back and not at your sides. The end result is a very pretty and soft bohemian style that can work for day or night.

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Mandy Moore Bohemian hairstyle

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