Hair Care Tip: Leighton Meester Knows How to Keep it Shiny
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Leighton Meester turned into an It Girl overnight when she became the bad girl that everybody loved to hate on the prime time drama 'Gossip Girl’. The fact that she is beautiful and has a bevy of stylists at her fingertips certainly does make her life easier when it comes to taking care of her beautiful hair, but knowing a few handy hair care tipsalso assists Leighton in ensuring her lovely chestnut locks stay in mint condition all year round.

Vibrant hair is difficult to keep vibrant when you are dealing with coloring, humidity, smog, and the effects of pollution. All of these elements can be rather harsh on your hair whether you color your hair or keep it naturally beautiful all year long. Shiny hair these days seems to be difficult to come by, and too often we resort to styling products to add artificial shine to our hair. Unfortunately, product can be just as damaging as environmental effects on our hair, and in some cases, even more so. The key is to work towards consistent maintenance on your hair so that your hair exudes natural shine and looks healthy because it IS healthy.

Heating elements such as curling irons and flat irons are our worst enemy in combating the battle against dry, dull locks. Flat irons in particular are especially damaging because heat is hitting your hair from both sides as you sweep your flat iron down your hair shaft. Prolonged use of flat irons will weaken your hair and lead to damaged ends, split ends, and the hair shaft breaking at any point along the hair. This can make a great cut go sour in a heartbeat. If you use heating elements on your hair, you need to be even more careful about how you maintain your hair over the long haul.

Colored hair and hair that is chronically exposed to heat must be maintained with treatments on a regular basis to avoid the hair shaft from weakening. You can do this yourself with an at home hot oil kit at least once a week. You can also make a paste for your hair that will remove any toxins the environment has left on the hair shaft. Washing your hair is not enough, as environmental toxins have a stronger hold on the hair shaft, and a longer lasting effect, than even the most professional shampoo products.

Create a paste with baking soda and water and use a wide toothed comb to comb it through your washed hair. Let this set for ten minutes and rinse it out completely. You can then condition your hair as you normally would and style as usual.

Shiny vibrant hair does not take a lot of work, it only requires consistency. Once you get into the habit of regular maintenance, you will see and appreciate the results soon enough to instill it in your regular hair care routine.

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omg!!! love the hairstyle!!
shes HOTT!!
I do beleive.. I been there!!!!
great hair,love the color..good job!

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