Homecoming Hairstyle #2: Lauren Conrad Gets Bohemian at the MTV VMAs
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Lauren Conrad Homecoming Hairstyles

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Lauren Conrad is seen here looking elegant at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, and this look is just one example of how versatile this girlís style is. Lauren is one of Hollywoodís It Girls where you just never know what to expect when it comes to her hair. She is blessed with long naturally wavy hair, but she doesnít always stick to this look, and her hairstyles change almost as often as her favourite fashion labels.

Here at the MTV VMAís, Lauren has adopted one of her more recently popular looks of a casual Bohemian style on her hair that complements an elegant dress. What this look says is that you donít have to fuss or muss with your updo too much to pull off a polished and elegant look. Laurenís look here is very Bohemian, keeping her style young and playful yet at the same time formal with a messy updo. With a simple hairstyle like this, her dress is complemented rather than overshadowed.

The best thing about the loose bun is that it is easy to do, and there are very little rights or wrongs here. Whatever feels good, and whatever is bound to stay in place all night will leave the Bohemian effect you are aiming for. This look is best achieved with second day hair that isnít washed which will make your style even easier. Prep your hair with a little bit of volumizing hair to ensure some additional bend and texture will be added to your hair and make it more manageable. You will then set your hair in large rollers in order to attain the volume that Lauren has here with her natural waves.

After you have taken your rollers out, separate your hair into three sections, two at the back of equal size, and one smaller one at the front. Comb this smaller section forward in front of your face. Take one of your back sections and twist it into a tube loosely, and then pin the tube however you feel comfortably at the back of your neck. Do the same with the second section, and again, donít spend too much time worrying about flyaways or strands as these are the key to the overall finish. After you have pinned, you can pull out a curl or two to add to the messy look.

You will then take your front section, and pull it back along the side of your head and pin it into your bun. You can pin as loosely as you like as these strands and additional sections are what will give your updo multiple layers and texture that give the standard bun a true Bohemian and contemporary feel. Finish the look with just a smidge of extra hold hairspray, and voila!

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i love Lauren Conrad!! shes gorgeous and always looks her best!

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