Homecoming Hairstyle #1: Blake Lively Puts A Contemporary Twist on a Retro Look
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Blake Lively Hairstyles

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Blake Lively is seen here looking like nothing less than her glamorous self at the New York City Premiere of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. But donít hate her because sheís beautiful, because this may be one of the sweetest girls in show biz right now, and her infectious smile is proof of that.

Blake Lively went for a retro look with a contemporary twist for the New York Premiere, and she amplified her gorgeous long blonde waves with some chic tiny braids. This seems to be a favourite look for Blake as she is sporting the tiny braids quite frequently lately no matter what she is wearing.

This look is proof positive that you donít need to spend a lot of time or expense getting your updo plastered to your pretty crown for a formal event. Long, luxurious waves are always going to be in style, and are always pretty for any occasion. The addition of the braids is a flashback from the Ď70ís but when you add it to gorgeous waves, you get an immediately contemporary look. The braids will also add some texture to your style, and give it some definition that will set your style apart from the average girl with wavy hair.
This look is best achieved with second day hair, as hair that hasnít been washed is much easier to bend and move the way that you want it to. Overnight, wrap your hair in a loose bun and sleep on it, and this step will essentially train your hair to bend and stay in place while you are sleeping. Wear your loose bun as long as you can, the longer you go with it, the longer your waves will stay in place. If you need to get out and about the next day, undo your bun, and re-wrap it as similarly as you can.

When you are ready to style for the evening, prep your hair with volumizing mousse. Wrap it in large Velcro rollers to give your hair even further bend, but most importantly, volume. As you take your rollers out, curl your hair with a wide barrel curling iron at least 2Ē thick. Again, the look you are going for is wavy, not curly, and this will give your hair some incredible volume.

Next, you will part your hair the way you prefer, either on the side or down the middle, and take small sections from each side to create your braids. Tiny braids are the key here to add that small element of additional texture. You wonít need to use elastics, as tiny braids on hair that has been trained to bend will stay in place. You can spritz some gel or some extra hold hairspray on the ends of your braids to hold, or you can pull them loosely to the side and pin the braids into your hair to hold the style.

To finish, spritz some glossing serum over your waves to give you an all night shine.

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jACQUIE ELSER01-23-2009
This is nothing new, like honestly!
so n' so11-06-2008
I am getting my hair cut soon.
i love it!! exspecially for homecoming cuz homecoming isnt that big of a for prom i wouldnt wear my hair like that i would wear it up.
she is beutiful to me
I like it,but its just kinda plain for me especially for a homecoming.
Jacquie elser10-09-2008
this is so cute and so adorable!!! I thinnk this is what i might do for homeccoming!!
i like ur style ^^

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