Homecoming is Here: Is Your Hair Ready?
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Homecoming Hairstyles

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There is something about a fresh new coat of hair dye to make that Homecoming night all the better. But, ladies there is a tip that you should follow if you are going to show off those beautiful locks on homecoming night. Dye your hair only 3 days before.

When you dye your hair, the roots instantly start to grow out of the new hair color. If you choose that perfect shade a week or two before homecoming, you will see the natural color roots on the night of the dance. You may not see them in the mirror, but the bright lights of the camera will show off those roots like a badge of hair color.

Three days before the dance is the best time to hit the salon. If you do not like the new color, you will have time to change it back to your natural mane, but if you love the color, the roots will not have enough time to grow out before that big night.

EXTRA HINT 1: In order to cover the smell of the hair dye, try soaking your hair in natural scented oils the day before the dance. When you wash out the oils, your hair will smell terrific and you will have a beautiful, natural shine.

EXTRA HINT 2: When choosing your new hair color make sure to take into consideration the color of your dress. If the dress will natch better with a darker shade and you have Blonde in mind, you may have to reconsider.

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I love the but I want to see it down.
needs a funky highligts maybe suite the style.
omg ur hair looks beautiful
needs more color in highlighting darker brown maybe!!
i think this look it is different but you must try very hard.
Try Either.. Dying Your Hair Or if Not, Change Your Fringe Maybe :/ xo;
ay chinguao10-03-2008
it is sum wat alrite
Its ok but something else could be done better.
no way09-29-2008
u shouldnt dye ur hair. natural color is the best way to go
its ok
its not cute...try something different
you look Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen
its okk way too close. you cant really see it
im not going to consider dying my hair something other than blonde just because of the color of my dress. dumb.
callie kerr09-20-2008
i love your hair
Its not the greatest hair doo.

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